Thursday, January 13, 2011

Match Results

Rifle Match Results
Remington 700 performance

Well, here I am finally! After the Holidays/minor surgery/drug reaction, I'm able to sit down & get to the chore of keying up my results.

It may well be that my new 700 & ammo loads are more accurate than this tired eyes shooter. Although I will say I am really pleased with how well I did do at our clubs final rifle match for 2010.

I had a friend expert rifleshooter BK, give some really handy pointers on loading for accuracy with a rifle. I thought I could just bang out reloads and that would be enough. Boy, did I find that to be all wrong. Now I understand why my 223 rnds were inaccurate! That, I'll make another post on. Rifle and pistol reloading are similar, but really different!!!

I prepped for a week before the match by going out every day for practice on my Benchrest technique (OUCH, was I baaaaad, or what?), learned quite a bit about that also!

On the day of the match, we all showed up early (0830), and secured a spot that was available. We had 12 shooters for the match and 2/3 observers.
Out of the 12, I was real lucky and shot a 387*18x which placed me 4th overall, which I found to be outstanding being I had not shot a rifle match in over a year. The scores were as follows:

1. 400*23x , 2. 396*20x , 3.396*16x , 4 .387*18x , 5. 387*11x , 6. 383*12x , 7. 383*7x

8. 382*10x , 9. 379*15x , 10. 372*4x , 11. 363*4x , 12. 297*1x .

I've not included names to protect the innocent ! A good time was had by all and it was a very enjoyable day at the range, especially for me.

This is one of 4 targets shot at the match.

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