Friday, August 06, 2010

Time Runs on!

Well, here we are! First week of August & I wonder where all the time has gone. Summer(?) is all but over & it doesn't seem like we've really had any. Did get some stuff taken care of, along with having my G'Son come to visit.

We had a great time, going out to the Range & shooting. Took him to meet MrCompletely & KiWi, and to get some pointers on the fine art of 22 Pis
tol shooting. He took to it like a Duck to water. I'm sure he had a good time here on Whidbey and enjoyed participating in one of our Speed Steel matchs.

I had hoped to get my 'NEW' rifle while he was here, but it didn't happen. I have since recieved it, taken it out to the Range & started break-in & sight-in with it. It's amazing for a commercial firearm. I've always leaned toward Military Collectibles & this is my 1st commercial centerfire rifle. And SO FAR, I am quite pleased with it. Have it sig
hted @ 200yds and am looking forward to getting a handload worked up for it.

I put a Weaver Scope on it & an HS Precision stock along with a Bi-Pod and expect to be able to compete in our Rifle Matchs with it. I've a 223 Savage that I've been competing with, but in a X wind 55gr bullets just don't get it. I would like to see some scores in the 390's or so. The best I've done with the 223 is in the 375/380 range. NOT what I want.

So there you are folks, been competing in some of the Steel & Bowling Pin Matchs recently. Took 1st place in one B/P & 2nd in another. Gotten my Speed Steel time down to110sec,'s which pleases me. So I guess I can't whine about my wrist being a drag on my shooting abilities any longer. I'll just have to take my lumps when I have a bad day & say, "Well, dangit, I'll do better next time"!

That's about it for the present. I need to get to work out in the yard & get my garden spot ready for next year.

'Nuff for the moment.................................