Saturday, January 30, 2010

Journey's Drawing to a Close

Well, here it is the last days of January. I was prepared to leave & head South to Arkansas where my son lives, but Mother Nature decided to play the SNOW/SLEET/ICE Storm game & left me at my Daughters in Wisconsin for about an additional week.

Here I am all packed & ready to roll with no ability to navigate on ice. I called my son & he said they had gotten 10" of snow with an underlayment of @ .5 to1.5" of ice under it. NO Thanks, don't want to have to try & deal with that kind of stuff, so I'll just hang out & wait 'til next Friday to head down that way.

After I get there & stay for a few days, I'll have to head out for home. I have a couple of Dr's apps in mid month & have to make them. I want to not have to take anymore of these darn drugs they put you on after Angioplasty. Gets real tiresome, besides being pretty expensive. I don't want to support BigPharma any longer than necessary.

The way the weather looks across the country I'll probably have to head West into the great Golden State of CA. Really don't like even travelling through there although I'm a Native Son. The place is just NOT like it was when I grew up there & spent most of my adult life. They don't seem to like people who believe in the Constitution & especially the 2nd Amendment! Like the guys song on YouTube says, "I LOVE GUNS"!!! And I don't like it when they tell me, "You can't have that!" It's got more than 10 rnds capacity & it looks "EVIL"!!!

Actually I'm kind of lookingt forward to getting back home to Whidbey Isle. Sort of miss the quiet & solitude of the rural atmosphere there. All the hustle & bustle of living in & close to a larger town somewhat wears me down.

I guess that's my story for the present, I'll be posting next from either my sons or from home.
'Nuff for now....................................


Friday, January 01, 2010

Hey All,

Well, been here at my kids for a couple months now, just really getting in the groove of the shovelling the snow thing. Seriously, my Son-in-Law has a snowblower but theres still some hand work that needs be done. It's not bad except when the wind is blowing @10-15mph & the temp is around 10/12 F. But I guess you can get used to anything. Can't wait to get headed South to my Sons. It'll at least be in the 30's there.
Here it is the 1st day of 2010, WOW!!!! Surprise, surprise! It has been a rather personally rewarding year for me, much better than I had anticipated. Healthwise I'm right up there on par with all those people that take health & fitness seriously. I walk @ 3-5 miles per day, and work out here at the local fitness center in Elkhorn, WI.@1-1/2hrs three times a week. Really enjoy it.
Although I can say I'm looking forward to get back home to Whidbey Isle. Paradise awaits!!! It's been a good trip & great visit here @ my kids, but I'm also looking to see the others too. I'm watching the weather prediction for the next month real closely. I'm NOT too keen on being stranded on the road in Illinois, 'specially with the cargo I've got in my van. All I'd need would be to get pulled over with an arsenal in the car by some Ill State Representative of the Law. I'm not sure how they'd react to someone from a state that doesn't restrict peoples firearms choices.
Well, enough for the present, I'll probably blog some again before I head off to Arkansas.