Thursday, October 01, 2009

Well guys, here ya are, I'm gonna add a verse or two to my almost defunct blogging log.

Been sorta busy, had a medical problem the first of the year, and recovery time & shooting kept me away from the mad computer monster. I just really had a bad time trying to just sit down & key anything in at all. At times I wondered if all the hassle & bullshit I was going through was worth it.

Well, I do have to say YES to that! It has been pretty well worth it, and has led me off in somewhat of a different direction. I no longer live to go to the range. It's just one of many activities that I'm involved in at the present. I never figured that I would enjoy getting out & just walking. I step out to the tune of about 18/20 miles a week. Then I got really out in orbit & began working out on a Bow-Flex which I find I really enjoy. So that is what occupies me most of the time along with taking my DoggieDogBoy GunR to the Bark Park so he can get some exercise & socialization time with all his dog friends. Takes up a lot of my time. I've gotten to where shooting the match on a weekend is my practice time so I've not done real well in the shooting arena this year. I bypassed Ephrata & Couer de Alene matchs this year and have just shot our locals as I could. There was nothing really exciting in any of my shoots, I just sort of putted along & said "Oh Well", next time I might do better, but it was fun anyway.

I'm getting GunR & myself ready for a trip to the Midwest & then on down through Arkansas to my sons, & end up in Texas at my older daughters in late January or early Feb. I probably won't be back on the Island until the first to mid part of March. I'm going to make a real "TREK" out of it, spend some time with my kids, Grandkids & yes, GGKids too. Damn!!! Time has a way of just slipping out from under you, and you end up just another OlFart puttsin down the last days of time.

I will do more to get some "Blog" time in for those that still check my page now & again. I haven't been real motivated toward computer time this past year, it seems I didn't even check my EMail at times & would end up with 75/80 'New" ems evary time I did look to see what was there. Pain in the butt from all those "SPAMMERS" out there.

'Nuff for the moment, ScottS shamed me into doing this one tonite, but it could be another week or so when I've hit my kids place in Wisconsin.



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