Saturday, October 25, 2008

Couer d'Alene (finally)

I really thought I had posted this long ago, but then realized I was waiting for my camera to arrive for pix of the shooters, courtesy of Bill Sahlsberg. I had walked off & left it @ the range.

Eddy Brown Memorial Metal Match
Coeur d'Alene, ID

Hi Folks,
well, the weekend is done, and what a FUN one it was! TonyC. and I left his house at 10:00am & drove down & got on the Ferry, crossed the water & headed down 405 to 90 and on east to CdA. We made pretty good time, got into CdA right at 5:00pm, checked into the Motel & then hooked up with MrAl, Rainy & MsKimmee for dinner. Talked about the upcoming match & all the particulars on that, and then headed off to get some sleep and be READY for the match.

TonyC. and I met up with MrAl, RainyL and MsKimmee from Custer Gun Club to have a really fun time at the match. As I recall it, there were 73 shooters in various class's in center fire, and @ 8-10 22 shooters.

The match was run under Steel Challenge Rules this year, which standardizes the format of the match from location to location. Makes it a lot easier when you go to a strange area in that you KNOW the rules right off. We all got to the Fernan ID gun club about 8:30 on Saturday, got signed in and had the shooters meeting, then squaded up & began the match.

Being we were squad 5, we started on range 5, with @ ten shooters in our squad. There were some really good shooters with us, sadly, me not being one of them. I finished 44th overall out of about 60 shooters. But, there's next year, when I hope to be in better shooting shape & healed from all the 'stuff' I've had to deal with this year. It doesn't help if you only have 2/3 months to get up to speed & practice. But I had good FUN ! Look out next year
MrCompleted & KeeWee were already there, as they came in the day before, after a truly adventurous trip from the Isle of Whidbey. Keewee told me all about their midnite excursion, but you'll have to read MrC.'s blog to hear the masterful storytelling of it, from himself. It's quite a tale.

I think everyone from Whidbey Island got some placement, 1st or 2nd in all class's ( Can't include myself in that.). If there were an award for the most miss's I would probably have taken 1st place. But, you know what, at least I was there, shooting with great people & having a really good time. I could be sittin' in a rockin' chair on somebody's porch, not knowing who I am, or what it's all about.

I do feel really lucky!
Well, I give up, I know I have some pics, but can't find them!!!! FOUND ONE!!!



Blogger keewee said...

I am glad you got your camera back.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that Rob Leatham in the picture?

It was a good shoot, but it WAS a bit warmer than I would have liked!

.... Mr. C.

8:51 PM  

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