Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend Shoots

Hey All,

been a while since I've posted, but it's Summer time & there's tooooooooo much going on! I've been to physical therapy & am done with that. I now run through the exercise routine on my own & seem to be doing pretty well with it. I've also added in some BowFlex routines to build back the strength & mobility that I had lost,and seem to be doing OK with that.

Went to our clubs Speed Steel match a week ago, timed out with a 146.78 sec's! WHOOOOAAAA, poop city ! Last man on the totem pole, but............ I was there, and I shot, not well, but I shot. I went to the range every other day during the week & cranked off 50/100 rnds at steel, and felt OK. Then this past Saturday, went to HHRGC for their "Dirty Harry" match. Shot my 6" Mdl 29 & had a blast! Didn't do real good, but had one helluva lot of fun. Not having fun is not being able to shoot for a couple 3+ months. I find my muscles have forgotten what they're supposed to be doing when brain says "SHOOOT Dammit"!!!
But that'll come back. On Sunday, we had another Speed Steel match & I realized I shouldn't have shot "Dirty Harry" ! My shoulder was sooooo SORE I wondered if I could even unholster my "Racer" to shoot. Did my exercises, took 4 aspirin & went to the match. Had a helluva good time & shot a 112.62 time for it. Only 2 sec's behind Ms. Rainey which made me feel pretty good in that she shot in the $$$ @ Montrose down in Colorado this year. So now this week I'm back out to the range every other, crankin' out my 50/100 rounds & getting muscle memory built back. This week I'm going to the Silhouette match @ HHRGC saturday, and on Sunday we have a 22rimfire Falling plate round robin match. I'll be doing that one too. All in preparation for going to Couer de Alene & the Eddy Brown Memorial Metal match the last weekend of this month. I may not do real good, but I know darn well I'll be having some fun times.

Well. "Nuff for the moment, gotta take the GunR bud to the "BarkPark" so he can run & have some fun himself.




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