Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tanfoglio Race Guns

Well, here we go Folks,
the looooong promised treatise on the Tanfoglio Race guns functionality & accuracy.

The Limited gun is extremely accurate and functions very well right out of the box! Any ammo, factory or handload, it seems to just eat it right up & spit it out no problem whatsoever, EXCEPT for the magazine feed problem I discussed in a previous post. I have gone through all my mags (8) & no longer have the problem !! The trigger pull is @ 4.25lbs and crisp!

Now, the Open Class Gun is another story ! I think I ran through probably six (6) different powders and I have NO idea how many different load varieties with each one. The best powder I found was Alliants Power Pistol. With the 8 barrel ports & a three chamber compensator, it seemed to work the best. In 2nd standing was IMR 7625, and the reason for that is the amount of powder to case size and 125power factor that I wished to achieve. With P/P I can load 5.4gr with either a 124gr bullet (PF135) or a 115grbullet (PF125) with an COL of 1.120 and Win Small Pistol Primers & brass. I had a trigger job done on the OCP and brought it down to 2.25lbs, that seems to help considerably. I also am using a 10lb recoil spring & 13lb hammer spring in it, and it functions flawlessly!

Yesterday, I participated in a Speed Steel Match @ CWSA and had absolutely no malfunctions of any kind with the open class gun. I realized this after the match was completed and was extremely pleased by the fact. Now, all I need do, is to get myself back to normal function with my left arm & right shoulder working as best as possible.

Last week I saw the Orthopedics Doctor, who told me I had a torn rotator cuff & tendon in my right shoulder. I knew something not too cool was going on because it kept getting more & more sore and immovable without extreme discomfort & tryng to work it enough to shoot. I can't pick up my gun with my right arm, and I can't grip much of anything with my left hand, so I'm sorta up the creek with almost no paddle. I was told I needed surgery, but have opted to not do so until November, when we're done with the shoot schedule. Besides, three surgeries are enough for the present. I did consent to a Cortisone shot into the joint to alleviate the pain & discomfort and to help with mobility.

As for the functioning of both my Tanfoglios, I am well pleased. Another shooter in my group yesterday, was asking how I liked them, I told him they are a great buy for the money. I let him shoot both after the match, and he has decided to buy a Limited Class gun and abandon his S&W Sigma. Although he seemed to do well with it. I think he liked the heft & the feel of the Tanfoglios grip in his hand. Also the fact that they both drop the brass right in front of you in a nice little pile. Other shooters were chasing brass everywhere & all I had to do was to bend down & gather it up.

Well, there you go, If there are any questions about either gun, leave a comment with your E/M.
'Nuff for now................................
Ta Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaa