Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Well, Here we are again Folks,
  Been recuperating with my arm stuff, so not alot
has been going on gunwise.
I have shot a couple of Silhouette practice matchs,
and a Bowling Pin, tried a rifle but absolutely no
go on that!
Last Saturday, CWSA had it's 2nd Bowling Pin Match

& I was in full participation. I shot the 1st B/P
Match in Optic Revolver only. This time, I did
almost every class. I wasn't real good at it, but
I was there & shoot
ing! I didn't do too bad time
wise, but got eliminated in the 1st round in each
NO biggy !!! I WAS THERE ~!
I had FUN & that is what is the most important
aspect of the whole idea of shooting.
I had sent my
SooperDooper 1st Class Open Race Gun (Mr T) off to
a guy
to have a trigger job done on it & WOW, is it
ever GREAT. Trigger pull is now 2.25lbs & slick

as can be ! I Love it ! Full report to be done
shortly. But I can tell you, it's worlds different
from before. I can now shoot almost any loading
without it doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.
I also unlimbered MrPicuda with an L/G red dot sight

on it and participated in one of Mr.Completlys
E-Postal matchs.
What a blast, that thing is really accurate, much
more so than yours truly. Although, I did hit
8 out of ten of the Fly targets as supplied by Mr. C.
Here's that Target.

Mr C & I, and various & sundry other characterizations
of CWSA shooters are going to
Trek to Kitsap
Peninsula Gun Club in Silverdale on the 12th of
ril to shoot a Fun Steel match there. After that
match is when I'll do the report on Mr T's all around
performance in competiton.
We have a Falling Plate Match coming up this next
Saturday, the 5th, at CWSA & I plan on shooting
the Picuda barracuda in that. Gotta get in some
practice time with it for sure. I was really
pleased that I was able to shoot the BPM last
Saturday, even if I did "pay the price" the next
couple days with a sore, stiff & tingly hand from it.
That didn't stop the grin though!
Really enjoyed myself as I hadn't done very much
shooting since last October.
GOOD TIMES are ahead though, and I am looking
forward to doing as much shooting as possible.

'Nuff for the moment, will keep
things going as much as possible