Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two Match Weekend

Here we go again.........................

There are 2 matchs coming up on the weekend. A Silhouette Match @ HHRGC on Saturday, & a Bowling Pin Match @ CWSA, on Sunday!!!

I'm going to shoot the Silhouette Steel Match @ HH with MrPicuda & possibly my Henry 22Lever Carbine. Don't know how well the carbine might do, but between now & the weekend I'll find out. Silhouette Matchs are shot at 40, 50, 75 & 100yds with a rimfire or centerfire pistol & the same for rifles. I shoot the rimfire class's. Shortly I'll have a load worked up for my 22Hornet Contender & will shoot centerfire also. Looking forward to this one. MrPicuda seems to running good (FINALLY)!

I plan to shoot about 5 class's at the Bowling Pin Match. Open Centerfire, Iron sight Centerfire, Revolver, Big Bore Revolver & 22rimfire for pintops. Hope everything works well, I'm getting tired of NOT placing better than 3rd , or, being eliminated in the 1st round because I can shoot a good qualifying time, but not quick enough in the matchup against MrAl, or TonyC, or MissedHer Completely!
We'll see just how well it all comes out.

I'll give you all the Gory Details next post.

Ta Taaaaaaaaaa.......



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