Wednesday, April 16, 2008

KItsap Match Plus

Well hey folks,
here it is another week gone by with a FUN weekend in the past. WE (MrC.,WayneF.,TonyC., and I ,) all made the trek to Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Clubs Fun Steel match on Saturday.

They put on this match the 2nd Saturday every month. It's really a fun match, but the Ferry ride over, ( You need to be at the Ferry Station by 6:15/6:30 to insure getting a ride) to Port Townsend, the hour ride on down to Kitsap, the Match, and return trip works out to a 12 to 13 hour endeavor. But still fun to shoot the match & meet some new people that are gun enthusiasts like me.

We started off the match at 10:00am and by the end of the 2nd round I had to retire both my TRG & Picuda and resort to the old tried & true Ruger22/45 to finish out the match. Had a 'squib' load in the TRG, and didn't have a rod with me to knock the bullet back out to continue. OH well.................. I broke it down & just put it back in the case & figured I'd just shoot MrPicuda. Guess what!!!! The dang thing began hanging up on the 2nd round in every magazine I had with me. Can't compete that way. So, MrP goes back in the case too. I dragged out the Ruger & had a fun match despite all the other mechanical woes of the day. Haven't heard from JohnD., the Match Director, on what the results are, but I had fun & that's what's important.

TonyC. used my S&W22A & had a really GOOD day. I think with the scores I saw, he may have taken the 22rimfire class. We put a new target grip on it before we went down & he said it handled much better than with the skinny squishy standard grips. Can't wait to get it back & try it myself. He said he was going to buy the Target Model with bull barrel & bells & whistles this week. I guess he must like it the way he was shooting!

Then on Sunday, we had a Hanging Plate Match, which MrC. has elucidated the particulars on his blog, so I won't go into the details here. Again, I thought I'd try MrP out after cleaning & working it over somewhat. But...... to NO avail, same thing. Hanging up on feeding the 2nd round. What the HECK??????? So, I again dragged out the Ruger, shot the match, & ended up dead last! Guess I was somewhat disconcerted about the malfunctioning Picuda. We have two class's, Iron sight & Optic sight. MrC. took 1st place in optic & MrAl. ( Evil Al as MrC. likes to say) took 1st in Iron sights. The results are up on, if your interested.

After the match, I took the Picuda & MrAl over to the pin range so he could watch the function of this wonderful looking pistol. The conclusion that he reached after watching several malfunctions & looking into the bottom of the mag well, was that the bolt was dragging on the ejector. KEWL!!!! I headed for the house, broke it down, & YEP, the ejector had a shiny ridge running right across the middle of it. Out comes trusty Dremel tool, a few minutes work, some blue marker pen & re-assemble, work the bolt & break it down again to look. Yep! Needed more, so I ended up after @ 3/4 teardowns & polishing trick, finally achieving success! No more drag marks, and a resounding 'CLACK' when the bolt was released. HOOORAH, now to try it out.!!!

Being that there's a Silhouette Match next Saturday, I re-mounted my Simmons 3X10 scope back on it & headed out to the range. The only malfunctions I had were with Federal bulk cheapie ammo. I tried some AutoMatch ( Perfect), and also some CCI MiniMags( again PERFECT function). Set out a couple of targets at 25 & 50 yards & proceeded to check sightin. At 25yds, I shot a 1" group of ten rnds, & at 50yds, a 1.5" group of ten rnds. SOOOOPER! So I figured as long as I'm here, I can get in some practice time.
What a joke! I find that with my left hand, still not real strong, and my right shoulder giving me a pain, (right where I sit) I have a real hard time just holding on target. HAYSUS CREESPO !
Well, gotta get the old exercises going cuz there's lotsa shoots & fun to be had, & I sure don't want to embarrass myself with really poor scores. So break out the weights, unhinge the Bowflex & get back into routine exercising!

'Nuff for the moment, more shoots coming up this weekend..........................................



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