Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bowling Pins 4/20

Hi Folks,

Here we are post weekend matchs, and it's sort of a let down. Saturdays match at HHRGC wasn't. It was soooo cold & sleety/snowy/haily/rainy that we by passed the match and stayed home, warm & snug & prepped for the pinmatch on Sunday.

Well, it was still cooold, rainy/haily/sleety/snowy at times & coooold! We had about nine hearty souls come out for the match, but most wiser people stayed home out of the blustery cold weather. I entered Open Class centerfire, revolver & 22rimfire. here were no shooters for the C/F iron sight class when I signed in, and I was the only one there that had a BigBore revolver, so we didn't shoot that class, nor did we shoot iron sight 22's. So it was sort of a limited class match.

I timed in 2nd fastest in OS/CF, and don't remember who I shot off against 1st up, but I think it was TonyC. My 2nd round was against Ms. Rainy, she tookj the 1st table, I took the 2nd, and then won the shootoff to face MrAl for the top spot. He took one, I took the 2nd, and then on the shootoff I had a misfeed & he took the class with me 2nd & MsRainy 3rd.

Then in Revolver class, it was ChrisC. & MrAl 1st round with MrAl taking it, then TonyC. and I 2nd round with him eliminating me (NO surprise there) then ScottS & AlanV. had their shootoff & it ended up with ScottS. as the winner. The class finals were TonyC. 1st, with ScottS. 2nd & ChrisC. in 3rd.

LarrieF showed up at shoot time & entered 2 guns in I/S class, he took 1st(9mm) & 2nd(45) over ChrisC. with his 45.
weren't a lot of people in the class. Then it came time for Rimfire pintops.

I timed in fairly decently, and went off against MsRainy who promptly retired me in the shoot (Revenge is 'Sweet', so they say.). And then goes on to beat out everyone for the class win (HoooooRah!)! But, there'll be next time. One way or another we always seem to shoot against one another. MrC. and MsKeeWee didn't make the match. MrC. had some construction going on ( a Tennis court or some such endeavor) and MsKeeWee said, "I'm NO Dummie, I'm not going out in the cold & wet & freeze my little bum off". So as you can see it was a rather limited match. Oh well, there's always the next one.

ScottS. took some videos, so I'll post those of me timing in.

'Nuff for now, got to see the MD on the morrow about my shoulder to see what the "HELL" now...............

Ta Taaaaaaaaa...............................




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