Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bowling Pins 4/20

Hi Folks,

Here we are post weekend matchs, and it's sort of a let down. Saturdays match at HHRGC wasn't. It was soooo cold & sleety/snowy/haily/rainy that we by passed the match and stayed home, warm & snug & prepped for the pinmatch on Sunday.

Well, it was still cooold, rainy/haily/sleety/snowy at times & coooold! We had about nine hearty souls come out for the match, but most wiser people stayed home out of the blustery cold weather. I entered Open Class centerfire, revolver & 22rimfire. here were no shooters for the C/F iron sight class when I signed in, and I was the only one there that had a BigBore revolver, so we didn't shoot that class, nor did we shoot iron sight 22's. So it was sort of a limited class match.

I timed in 2nd fastest in OS/CF, and don't remember who I shot off against 1st up, but I think it was TonyC. My 2nd round was against Ms. Rainy, she tookj the 1st table, I took the 2nd, and then won the shootoff to face MrAl for the top spot. He took one, I took the 2nd, and then on the shootoff I had a misfeed & he took the class with me 2nd & MsRainy 3rd.

Then in Revolver class, it was ChrisC. & MrAl 1st round with MrAl taking it, then TonyC. and I 2nd round with him eliminating me (NO surprise there) then ScottS & AlanV. had their shootoff & it ended up with ScottS. as the winner. The class finals were TonyC. 1st, with ScottS. 2nd & ChrisC. in 3rd.

LarrieF showed up at shoot time & entered 2 guns in I/S class, he took 1st(9mm) & 2nd(45) over ChrisC. with his 45.
weren't a lot of people in the class. Then it came time for Rimfire pintops.

I timed in fairly decently, and went off against MsRainy who promptly retired me in the shoot (Revenge is 'Sweet', so they say.). And then goes on to beat out everyone for the class win (HoooooRah!)! But, there'll be next time. One way or another we always seem to shoot against one another. MrC. and MsKeeWee didn't make the match. MrC. had some construction going on ( a Tennis court or some such endeavor) and MsKeeWee said, "I'm NO Dummie, I'm not going out in the cold & wet & freeze my little bum off". So as you can see it was a rather limited match. Oh well, there's always the next one.

ScottS. took some videos, so I'll post those of me timing in.

'Nuff for now, got to see the MD on the morrow about my shoulder to see what the "HELL" now...............

Ta Taaaaaaaaa...............................



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two Match Weekend

Here we go again.........................

There are 2 matchs coming up on the weekend. A Silhouette Match @ HHRGC on Saturday, & a Bowling Pin Match @ CWSA, on Sunday!!!

I'm going to shoot the Silhouette Steel Match @ HH with MrPicuda & possibly my Henry 22Lever Carbine. Don't know how well the carbine might do, but between now & the weekend I'll find out. Silhouette Matchs are shot at 40, 50, 75 & 100yds with a rimfire or centerfire pistol & the same for rifles. I shoot the rimfire class's. Shortly I'll have a load worked up for my 22Hornet Contender & will shoot centerfire also. Looking forward to this one. MrPicuda seems to running good (FINALLY)!

I plan to shoot about 5 class's at the Bowling Pin Match. Open Centerfire, Iron sight Centerfire, Revolver, Big Bore Revolver & 22rimfire for pintops. Hope everything works well, I'm getting tired of NOT placing better than 3rd , or, being eliminated in the 1st round because I can shoot a good qualifying time, but not quick enough in the matchup against MrAl, or TonyC, or MissedHer Completely!
We'll see just how well it all comes out.

I'll give you all the Gory Details next post.

Ta Taaaaaaaaaa.......


KItsap Match Plus

Well hey folks,
here it is another week gone by with a FUN weekend in the past. WE (MrC.,WayneF.,TonyC., and I ,) all made the trek to Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Clubs Fun Steel match on Saturday.

They put on this match the 2nd Saturday every month. It's really a fun match, but the Ferry ride over, ( You need to be at the Ferry Station by 6:15/6:30 to insure getting a ride) to Port Townsend, the hour ride on down to Kitsap, the Match, and return trip works out to a 12 to 13 hour endeavor. But still fun to shoot the match & meet some new people that are gun enthusiasts like me.

We started off the match at 10:00am and by the end of the 2nd round I had to retire both my TRG & Picuda and resort to the old tried & true Ruger22/45 to finish out the match. Had a 'squib' load in the TRG, and didn't have a rod with me to knock the bullet back out to continue. OH well.................. I broke it down & just put it back in the case & figured I'd just shoot MrPicuda. Guess what!!!! The dang thing began hanging up on the 2nd round in every magazine I had with me. Can't compete that way. So, MrP goes back in the case too. I dragged out the Ruger & had a fun match despite all the other mechanical woes of the day. Haven't heard from JohnD., the Match Director, on what the results are, but I had fun & that's what's important.

TonyC. used my S&W22A & had a really GOOD day. I think with the scores I saw, he may have taken the 22rimfire class. We put a new target grip on it before we went down & he said it handled much better than with the skinny squishy standard grips. Can't wait to get it back & try it myself. He said he was going to buy the Target Model with bull barrel & bells & whistles this week. I guess he must like it the way he was shooting!

Then on Sunday, we had a Hanging Plate Match, which MrC. has elucidated the particulars on his blog, so I won't go into the details here. Again, I thought I'd try MrP out after cleaning & working it over somewhat. But...... to NO avail, same thing. Hanging up on feeding the 2nd round. What the HECK??????? So, I again dragged out the Ruger, shot the match, & ended up dead last! Guess I was somewhat disconcerted about the malfunctioning Picuda. We have two class's, Iron sight & Optic sight. MrC. took 1st place in optic & MrAl. ( Evil Al as MrC. likes to say) took 1st in Iron sights. The results are up on CWSAonline.org, if your interested.

After the match, I took the Picuda & MrAl over to the pin range so he could watch the function of this wonderful looking pistol. The conclusion that he reached after watching several malfunctions & looking into the bottom of the mag well, was that the bolt was dragging on the ejector. KEWL!!!! I headed for the house, broke it down, & YEP, the ejector had a shiny ridge running right across the middle of it. Out comes trusty Dremel tool, a few minutes work, some blue marker pen & re-assemble, work the bolt & break it down again to look. Yep! Needed more, so I ended up after @ 3/4 teardowns & polishing trick, finally achieving success! No more drag marks, and a resounding 'CLACK' when the bolt was released. HOOORAH, now to try it out.!!!

Being that there's a Silhouette Match next Saturday, I re-mounted my Simmons 3X10 scope back on it & headed out to the range. The only malfunctions I had were with Federal bulk cheapie ammo. I tried some AutoMatch ( Perfect), and also some CCI MiniMags( again PERFECT function). Set out a couple of targets at 25 & 50 yards & proceeded to check sightin. At 25yds, I shot a 1" group of ten rnds, & at 50yds, a 1.5" group of ten rnds. SOOOOPER! So I figured as long as I'm here, I can get in some practice time.
What a joke! I find that with my left hand, still not real strong, and my right shoulder giving me a pain, (right where I sit) I have a real hard time just holding on target. HAYSUS CREESPO !
Well, gotta get the old exercises going cuz there's lotsa shoots & fun to be had, & I sure don't want to embarrass myself with really poor scores. So break out the weights, unhinge the Bowflex & get back into routine exercising!

'Nuff for the moment, more shoots coming up this weekend..........................................


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Well, Here we are again Folks,
  Been recuperating with my arm stuff, so not alot
has been going on gunwise.
I have shot a couple of Silhouette practice matchs,
and a Bowling Pin, tried a rifle but absolutely no
go on that!
Last Saturday, CWSA had it's 2nd Bowling Pin Match

& I was in full participation. I shot the 1st B/P
Match in Optic Revolver only. This time, I did
almost every class. I wasn't real good at it, but
I was there & shoot
ing! I didn't do too bad time
wise, but got eliminated in the 1st round in each
NO biggy !!! I WAS THERE ~!
I had FUN & that is what is the most important
aspect of the whole idea of shooting.
I had sent my
SooperDooper 1st Class Open Race Gun (Mr T) off to
a guy
to have a trigger job done on it & WOW, is it
ever GREAT. Trigger pull is now 2.25lbs & slick

as can be ! I Love it ! Full report to be done
shortly. But I can tell you, it's worlds different
from before. I can now shoot almost any loading
without it doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.
I also unlimbered MrPicuda with an L/G red dot sight

on it and participated in one of Mr.Completlys
E-Postal matchs.
What a blast, that thing is really accurate, much
more so than yours truly. Although, I did hit
8 out of ten of the Fly targets as supplied by Mr. C.
Here's that Target.

Mr C & I, and various & sundry other characterizations
of CWSA shooters are going to
Trek to Kitsap
Peninsula Gun Club in Silverdale on the 12th of
ril to shoot a Fun Steel match there. After that
match is when I'll do the report on Mr T's all around
performance in competiton.
We have a Falling Plate Match coming up this next
Saturday, the 5th, at CWSA & I plan on shooting
the Picuda barracuda in that. Gotta get in some
practice time with it for sure. I was really
pleased that I was able to shoot the BPM last
Saturday, even if I did "pay the price" the next
couple days with a sore, stiff & tingly hand from it.
That didn't stop the grin though!
Really enjoyed myself as I hadn't done very much
shooting since last October.
GOOD TIMES are ahead though, and I am looking
forward to doing as much shooting as possible.

'Nuff for the moment, will keep
things going as much as possible