Sunday, March 02, 2008

Shooting Season Begins!

Hi Folks
been a bit since I've posted, I've been busy......... really, I have.

First of all. Shooting Season has begun ! Had our 1st Bowling Pin Match, & I imagine MrC. is still dancing. If I remember rightly, he took everything except Big Bore Revolver, and I think MrAl took that.

In the revolver class, I somehow timed out into 3rd place. MrAl & TonyC. were matched up in the 1st shootoff, which TonyC. handily walked away with. Well, that put me up against TonyC. in the #2 shootoff & guess what, I went down like "Lotties Drawer's"! Not that I didn't have fun, I did. My 1st shoot where I could feel like I wasn't under pressure & where I could just do my best & be happy to be there shooting!

I got the hardware off & out of my arm last week & "Boy", what an experience it's been. I thought doing things with that stuff on my arm was hard! I had no idea I was as weak handed as I am. It'll be a while until I can rack a semi-auto, so I'll just be shooting revolver in 38 & 22.

Now, for the really BIG news!!!!! Construction has begun on our speed steel ranges @ CWSA. One of our club members who owns a construction company, said he had a 'free' schedule for about a week & he would like to go ahead with the project. I was ecstatic !!!!

They came in on Thursday, did some minor prepping, moving our mower shed & Rendezvous Porta-Potties etc. Then began the serious earth moving on Friday. Yes, I got some pics of it. I'll post a couple, & when it's completed, do a whole post on it.

Also, our website is going through a redesign & will be comprehensively BETTER! Hope to mget it up in @ a month or so!

There's the 'teaser'!

'Nuff for now......................................



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