Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting back to it !

Hey "HI" Folks,
here I am, on the 17th of Feb., and Friday afternoon, I went to OPS @ Whidbey General & had another surgery. This time to take off the 'tinkertoy' restrainer, and remove the hardware from my wrist. I am really pleased, as it's ten (10) days ahead of schedule. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

The Dr of course admonished me to not pickup anything, or to push on my hand/wrist & just try to take it easy over the weekend until I see him on Monday. Then, (I hope) he'll give me a wrist brace & get me setup for physical therapy. I told him I needed PT more on my right shoulder than I do for my wrist. He laughed & said "I didn't operate on your shoulder"! So I explained to him how the throat surgery had affected me & that I needed more than just wrist exercises. He checked me out I said I was right, & that he make proper arrangements for me. KOOOOOL !

I finally feel like things are starting to move along, it's been ten Looooooooong weeks ! Been out to a couple of Silhouette matchs though, didn't do real well, but it was the intent to just get out & shoot some.

Gotta get my T/C 22Hornet sighted in, ands also try to figure out what I'llbe able to shoot at our Bowling Pin Match on the 1st of March. Gotta get crackin' times been draggin' on, and I'm waaaaaaaaay outta shootin' expertise!

'Nuff for now, I'll post more as the week moves along, and I have more info from the powers that be.