Sunday, December 30, 2007

Here I am

Well, here we are! I'm down to two finger, one hand typing(?). Had a bit of an accident, which is setting me back in a lot of ways in different areas, but, I'm muddling through it (I think). I slipped on a wet/icey spot on my front steps & went splat on the cement walkway @ 4' down. Broke (shattered) my wrist, knocked myself out, cut my eyebrow plus miscellaneous owees. Then @ the ER, they also found I had a 95% blocked artery in my neck. And I'm going, "Well, let's get the show on the road & do what's necessary to take care of it & my arm!"
So, the next thing I know, I'm in an ambulance headed for a hospital on the mainland. OH Whooooopeeeee! I get there & they do all sorts of tests to determine just exactly what to do. Next morning they take me to surgery & play the slit your throat & scrape the crap out of my artery routine. They also gave me the GOOD news that I was saved from stroking out by just weeks, if not days! So that parts taken care of, now to get the arm straightened out & on the way to healing. That surgery was on friday the 7th. Saturday I get to go home, but what a rude awakening. My neck is soooooo sore, and I'm on the verge of throwing up on a constant basis! What a drag!!!
So on monday I go to see the bone Doc & he says, " We have you scheduled Thursday to fix your arm"! Yaaaay, I say to myself. Not realizing what lay ahead. Went in for OPS, on thursday, got that done.

My friend "Evil Al", had taken & picked me up afterwards, which turned out to be the best thing. I spent the next ten days at his house, just sicker than believable, in recovery from surgery. And now I'm home.

The GunRbud & I are making out OK, but there are some (lots of) things I have difficulty doing. But it'll all work out one way or another. At least I'm not sitting in a wheelchair looking at bullets wondering what they're for!!!

The afternoon that this all happened, I had plans to go to the range & sight in my new Magnum Research Picuda pistol for the upcoming Silhouette practice & matchs. That didn't happen until Friday the 21st. Which was also the anniversary of my CA motorcycle accident in '81. Got it sighted with help from Al, and on Saturday we went to HHRGClub for the practice match. I had to shoot one handed benchrest, but I was there & shooting!!! I didn't do too bad considering the one handed hold & a 5-6lb trigger pull. I have since gotten a Jard trigger installed which is 1.5lb pull. Ought to be pretty good even one handed. And I've got a 3X12 -44 scope mounted on it.

It looks like I'm going to be limited to 22 shooting for a while. I don't get the robot device off my arm until the 1st week of March, then, physical therapy to get the use of it & strength back. Somewhat of a disappointment, but, you do what you have to.

My blog time may be limited only by the amount of time it takes me to poke the keys on the computer, but I'll at least do short ones on my progress!




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