Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Match and Class Schedule 2008
Tuesday Rifle Match 100yds. 0900
Saturday 2nd Bowling Pin Shooting Class 0900 (Clubhouse & Pin Range)
Saturday 9th Speed Steel Shooting Class 0900 (Clubhouse & Range)
Saturday 16th Rifle Match 200yds 0900
Saturday 1st Bowling Pins 0900
Sunday 2nd Trap 1130
Sunday 9th Falling Plates 0900
Sunday 16th Rifle Match 100 yds. 0900
Saturday 29th Bowling Pins 0900
Saturday 5th Falling Plates 0900
Saturday 12th Blackpowder Shooting Class 0900 (Clubhouse & Range)
Sunday 13th Hanging Plates 0900
Sunday 13th Trap 1130
Saturday 19th Rifle Match 200yds. 0900
Saturday 19th Womens Firearms Safety Class 0900-1500 (*Clubhouse & Range)Sunday 20th Bowling Pins 0900
Saturday 26th Youth Firearms Safety Class 0900-1500 (Clubhouse & Range)
Sunday 27th Speed Steel 0900

7th,8th, Hunter Education 1800-2100 (Registration required)
9th,10th Hunter Education 0900-1200 (cont.)
Sunday 11th Falling Plates 0900
Saturday 17th Trap 1130
Sunday 18th Hanging Plates 0900
Sunday 18th Rifle Match 100yds. 0900
Saturday 24th Speed Steel 0900
Sunday 25th Trap 1130
Saturday 31st Bowling Pins 0900
Thursday 5th Trap 1800
Saturday 7th Hanging Plates 0900
Sunday 8th Speed Steel 0900
Saturday 14th Rifle Match 200yds. 0900
Sunday 22nd Bowling Pins 0900
Thursday 26th Trap 1800
Saturday 28th Hanging Plates 0900
Saturday 5th Bowling Pins 0900
Sunday 6th Speed Steel 0900
Thursday 10th Trap 1800
Sunday 13th Rifle Match 100yds 0900
Sunday 20th Falling Plates 0900
Thursday 24th Trap 1800
Saturday 26th Speed Steel 0900
Sunday 27th Hanging Plates 0900
30th,31st ,Aug,1 Hunter Education 1800-2100 (Registration required)
2nd Hunter Education 0900-1200 (cont.)
Saturday 2nd Bowling Pins 0900
Sunday 3rd Falling Plates 0900
Thursday 7th Trap 1800
Saturday 9th Rifle Match 200yds. 0900
Sunday 10th Speed Steel 0900
14th, 15th, RENDEZVOUS All Day
16th, 17th RENDEZVOUS All Day
20th thru 22nd Hunter Education 1800-2100 (Registration required)23rd Hunter Education 0900-1200 (cont.)
Sunday 24th Bowling Pins 0900
Thursday 28th Trap 1800
Saturday 30th Falling Plates 0900
Thursday 4th Trap 1800
Saturday 6th Speed Steel 0900
9th thru 12th Hunter Education 1800-2100 (Registration required)
13th Hunter Education 0900-1200 (cont.)
Saturday 13th Bowling Pins 0900
Sunday 14th Rifle Match 100yds. 0900
Thursday 18th Trap 1800
Sunday 21st Falling Plates 0900
24th thru 26th Hunter Education 1800-2100 (Registration required)
27th Hunter Education 0900-1200 (cont.)
Saturday 27th Island Clubs Challenge Match @ North Whidbey Range 0900
Sunday 28th Hanging Plates 0900
Saturday 4th Speed Steel 0900
Sunday 5th Trap 1130
Saturday 11th Falling Plates 0900
Saturday 18th Rifle Match 200yds 0900
Sunday 19th Bowling Pins 0900
Saturday 25th Trap 1130
Sunday 26th Falling Plates 0900
Saturday 1st Bowling Pins 0900
Saturday 8th Falling Plates 0900
Sunday 9th Bowling Pins 0900
Sunday 16th Falling Plates 0900
Saturday 22 Presidents Turkey Shoot 0900-1300

Womens Firearms Safety Class – NO Registration – NO Charge – Open to the Public
Youths Firearms Safety Class – call 678-0960 to Register – NO Charge – Open to the Public
Hunter Education Classes – Call 969-2400 for Registration – No Charge for classes,
Donations accepted to cover materials - All four classes must be attended!
Bowling Pin/ Speed Steel classes – NO registration NO charge!
Registration for Falling Plate Matchs closes @ 0930 – NO ONE will be allowed to enter after that time due to the format of the match which is Round Robin style.
If it should rain on a Speed Steel or Hanging Plate match, bring a lot of 22 ammo as it will be a Falling Plate Match instead!



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