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Tanfoglio Race Guns

Here we go:

I ordered a Tanfoglio Gold Trophy semi-auto in 9mm just before the end of 2006. I was informed by the distributor that delivery times were from ninety (90) to one hundred eighty (180) days. I said OK, as I wasn't too concerned about it 'til the first week of june. That's when the Eddy Brown Memorial Metal Match was going to be held, and that's what I wanted the gun for.

The last week of May, the distributor called me and said they had a Limited Trophy in 9mm, did I want that??? YES! Instead of the Gold Trophy model???? NO ! I wanted that & the Gold Trophy as soon as available. Well, I recieved the Limited Pistol & used it @ Couer de Alene for the match, and still anticipated the Gold Trophy arrival.
That happpened 172 days after the order was placed. I think they had to get the steel from the smelter and start making the pistol for my order.

The two pistols share a commen lower, which has all the modifications possible. Checkered grip, 20 lines per inch front & back on the grip. Beavertail, beveled magwell, square trigger guard, single action, with a trigger pull of @ 4.25lbs & nice & crisp. It is also drilled and tapped for a scope mount. The scope mounts come in 3 pieces, so that you can set it up for your personal tastes. single side mount, right or left, or dual side mount. I use the left sided single mount so that I can break down the pistol without having to take the mount off each time I clean it, and to accommodate the slide racker. Not easy to rack the slide without it. They come with 3 different weight recoil springs, all calibrated in Kg., don't ask me to translate 'em.

The difference in the Limited & Open class guns are the upper assemblies. The Limited & Open have a bushingless coned brrl with the Limited having slide serrations front & rear. While the Open class gun has a coned, 8 port Brrl, with a 3 port compensator and lightening slots both in the top and lower portion of the slide. It's really a pretty firearm as race guns go. They both point very nicely, and both seem to be extremely accurrate. The biggest problem that I have had with them is magazine feed problems. What I discovered is that the pistol & mags are 38super size, and with a 9mm round, they have a tendency to drop the point of the bullet, especially with hollow points. I use Rainier 124gr. HP's and they seem to feed OK. The 115gr Hp's didn't want to feed at all, due to the shorter length ogive.

The magazine problem had me at my wits end until I found they were S/38's with a different follower. I pulled them apart, spread the feet on the followers, used Magslick on all parts & also put in Wolf Mag springs which are much beefier than the stock ones. It seems to have fixed the problem.

If not, I've another idea which may be a better solution if that doesn't work, and that is to shim the back of the magazine to keep the follower from tipping forward and allowing the nose of the round to drop down.
Both firearms come in a very nice hardcase each with its own cleaning kit and spare recoil springs and magazines, which are extra as is the scope mount. So if you want a really nice racegun, at half the price of an STI or Custom built, maybe you'd like to look into these. They are available through EAA Witness.
I've included pics of both, but only the breakdown on the open class upper. and only one lower as they are the same.
If anyone has questions about these fine firearms, I'll be more than happy to respond with an EMail on the question.

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Blogger Mr. Completely said...

Great post! I have personally fired both of Louie's race guns, and they are a pleasure to shoot. They are also quite a bargain compared to the cost of other top end racers.

We all missed you at the pin shoot yesterday, Especially in big bore revolver. Missed you in Reno, too....

Glad you're having a good time, take care, and hurry back.

..... Mr. C.

10:33 AM  
Blogger CSStock said...

I had identical magazine feed issues with my CZ-SP01 Custom. The replacement +10% springs from Wolff helped, but now I'll try your trick with the follower. Great post!

4:57 AM  
Blogger Clint said...

I have been keen to purchase the limited custom HB my dealer is doing everything he can to convince me otherwise (he likes to sell people the gun he wants)when i asked why he gave me some pretty lame reasons but eventualy said that the build quality was extremly poor compared to an STI I explained that at double the price the STI would want to be better. (having held and used a Grand master I didnt see AU$5000 worth of value) Even if this is true i would intend to hand lap and polish the parts and put the time and money into making the tanfog better. I would also get it in 38 super. any comments or suggestions would be great

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Ilive in Spain have a Infinity 9mm and a limitid tanfoglio. to tell the truth i think ilike the tanfoglio better !!!

3:15 PM  
Anonymous james Mad said...

I am a shooting enthusiast,member of PPSA. I usually use my old but reliable 9mm. Anyway, I saw eric graufel use tanfoglio 9mm in an open division category. I was able to serve eric in my stage (during my active days in NROI), I saw the gun and I love it. I am contemplating in going back to shooting sport and wanting to have this kind of a mad gun. Can I be furnished with details, (i.e. cost of this open race gun, etc.)

8:02 PM  
Anonymous trav said...

Hi, I just purchased a 10mm limited myself, and it had feed problems when i first got it. I quickly learned with a lot of lube and about 300 rounds it shoots like a dream. running threw the action at home when you cant shoot also help. In other words It wants to fire and gets made if you don't let it lol. The ambi safti got a little loose on me I think its just cosmetic but curious if anyone else had that happen, and how they addressed the issue. one last thing is id like to put a tac light on it and get a shoulder rig. haven't fount any after market rails that mount in those tap holes, or leather shoulder rigs designed for big pistols with lights. any ideas

1:18 AM  
Anonymous trav said...

james mad-
you can check out these websites or
this should give you an idea. If not check out
But if that still doesn't work The witness limited elite runs about $1100-$1400 depending on where you live the gold series is bout $2500

1:29 AM  
Blogger redleg315 said...

I am looking for an open 9mm that will take major power IPSC/USPSA loads.
Will this open gun do this or is it retricted to "normal" loads.

11:37 AM  

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