Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tanfoglio Race Guns

Here we go:

I ordered a Tanfoglio Gold Trophy semi-auto in 9mm just before the end of 2006. I was informed by the distributor that delivery times were from ninety (90) to one hundred eighty (180) days. I said OK, as I wasn't too concerned about it 'til the first week of june. That's when the Eddy Brown Memorial Metal Match was going to be held, and that's what I wanted the gun for.

The last week of May, the distributor called me and said they had a Limited Trophy in 9mm, did I want that??? YES! Instead of the Gold Trophy model???? NO ! I wanted that & the Gold Trophy as soon as available. Well, I recieved the Limited Pistol & used it @ Couer de Alene for the match, and still anticipated the Gold Trophy arrival.
That happpened 172 days after the order was placed. I think they had to get the steel from the smelter and start making the pistol for my order.

The two pistols share a commen lower, which has all the modifications possible. Checkered grip, 20 lines per inch front & back on the grip. Beavertail, beveled magwell, square trigger guard, single action, with a trigger pull of @ 4.25lbs & nice & crisp. It is also drilled and tapped for a scope mount. The scope mounts come in 3 pieces, so that you can set it up for your personal tastes. single side mount, right or left, or dual side mount. I use the left sided single mount so that I can break down the pistol without having to take the mount off each time I clean it, and to accommodate the slide racker. Not easy to rack the slide without it. They come with 3 different weight recoil springs, all calibrated in Kg., don't ask me to translate 'em.

The difference in the Limited & Open class guns are the upper assemblies. The Limited & Open have a bushingless coned brrl with the Limited having slide serrations front & rear. While the Open class gun has a coned, 8 port Brrl, with a 3 port compensator and lightening slots both in the top and lower portion of the slide. It's really a pretty firearm as race guns go. They both point very nicely, and both seem to be extremely accurrate. The biggest problem that I have had with them is magazine feed problems. What I discovered is that the pistol & mags are 38super size, and with a 9mm round, they have a tendency to drop the point of the bullet, especially with hollow points. I use Rainier 124gr. HP's and they seem to feed OK. The 115gr Hp's didn't want to feed at all, due to the shorter length ogive.

The magazine problem had me at my wits end until I found they were S/38's with a different follower. I pulled them apart, spread the feet on the followers, used Magslick on all parts & also put in Wolf Mag springs which are much beefier than the stock ones. It seems to have fixed the problem.

If not, I've another idea which may be a better solution if that doesn't work, and that is to shim the back of the magazine to keep the follower from tipping forward and allowing the nose of the round to drop down.
Both firearms come in a very nice hardcase each with its own cleaning kit and spare recoil springs and magazines, which are extra as is the scope mount. So if you want a really nice racegun, at half the price of an STI or Custom built, maybe you'd like to look into these. They are available through EAA Witness.
I've included pics of both, but only the breakdown on the open class upper. and only one lower as they are the same.
If anyone has questions about these fine firearms, I'll be more than happy to respond with an EMail on the question.

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Arrival Day

Hi Folks,
Well here I am finally getting down to posting the final trip blog. Got here on Friday @ 2:30pm CST, and was extremely pleased that the trek has ended. I haven’t spent that much time on the road since I moved to Whidbey Isle in 2001. Hope to never do so again either!
Dropped off the Corvette at the mechanics in Janesville so he can check it out for the girl kid ( 45 last b’day)! That way any thing can be taken care of before she takes off in anywhere. Daughter met me there & we dumped off the van & trailer @ U-Haul ! Thank the Lord I don’t have to drive that anymore, not quite as nice as driving my own. She told me we were going ‘camping’ up north of Madison for the weekend, OK ! Got to the house with the GunRbud & he met Missy mr kids doggy girl Boxer. WOW ! They really hit it off! It was like they already knew each other & it was non-stop play tussle until we sent them to bed.
My g’son Josh has grown so much in the last 2 years it’s hard to believe. He’s @ 4”s taller &10-15lbs heavier. What a boy! Kids new house is really nice in a real far out of town area, makes it really nice & quiet. Farms all around with a golf course on the edge of town between us & town. There’s about 20-25 houses in the area with all of them fairly well dispersed, so you feel like you have a little elbow room. They seem to have plenty of space, 3 b’rooms a large living/family area and a full basement. Really nice.
We got up early on Saturday & headed off to Fairhaven, the campout area. They had rented a cabin for the weekend and there was fishing, small arms firing range of @ 40yds, baseball, soccer, Clubhouse, (Where we had some really GOOD meals), with hayrides & all sorts of things for the kids & grownups to do. I hooked up with a couple of shooters & we headed off the range area in the afternoon for some informal target/plinking practice. It was great fun. My g’son Josh had his 1st inkling that I had brought him a 22rifle of his own (my daughter asked him how he liked his new rifle, and I hadn’t yet told him).
We got up on Sunday & headed up to the clubhouse for breakfast (biscuits & gravy, YUM!), fruit, scrambled eggs ( or however you liked ‘em), biscuits & gravy (did I already mention that?). It was super. We then wandered about, Jeff, (son-in-law) joined a group for an early morning short hike, Josh wanted to go back to the shooting area, (we were out of ammo), but we had to defer that. Then early afternoon we packed up & headed back to Elkhorn. It was @ a 2 hour ride, but since I wasn’t driving I didn’t mind it.
Well folks, that about catch’s me up to Monday, everyone headed off to work & school & I’m here with the doggy dogs playin’ around & hangin’ out. Sure is nice to not be too responsible for ‘stuff’ and just be able to indulge myself with the doggies. They’re like they’ve always been together, it’s amazing.
Now maybe I’ll have some time to get my Tanfoglio racers article up to snuff and get it posted with pics.

‘Nuff for now…………….