Thursday, September 27, 2007

RoadieBoys D4

Hey Ya'll,
It's Thursday evening & GunRboy & I are in Souix Falls South Dakota. All the way from Gillete WY, and I think EVERYONE should visit SD sometime in their life! This is truly the Heartland of America. I have never met nicer people, other than those on Whidbey Isle, that are as down to earth, friendly, go out of their way to help you, and then thank you for coming to SD. What a place, what people! If I didn't like
Whidbey Island so much, I'd probably live somewhere in western SD. beautiful country, with miles & miles of corn, sunflowers, wheat, sorghum and stuff I wasn't sure what it was. Saw a flock (@ 25-30) wild Turkeys sitting in the median west of Rapid City. What a sight, more deer, antelope & lots of cattle & horses. Really farm country!
Had a very boring day driving, except for the sideshow going on as I travelled. Talked to people in the rest stops & all seemed really nice, talked @ where were we headed. And how BIG doggyboy GunR is for his age. "Course he had to put on his "Jumpin' Jack Flash" show for them. One trucker lady was laffin' so hard at his antics I thought she was gonna choke! Real good day even if it was long and arduous behind the wheel.
Tomorrow, I should get to my daughters in Elkhorn, and she says she has a "camping trip all planned for the weekend'!!! That'll be fine
as far as I'm concerned. Means I can "NapOut" and not feel guilty! Then too, my Grandson Josh & I will have to have a few lessons in gun safety & handling so he can begin to learn marksmanship. Yeah boy!
Well folks, it's nearing sack time & I'm ready for it. GunRboy is already sawing off zzzzzzzz's at my feet so he won't even notice when I go to bed.
'Nuff for now..............
Ta Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



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