Thursday, September 27, 2007

Roadie Boys Day2

Hi Folks,
Here it is Tuesday afternoon the 25th @ 4:30pm & we're in Missoula ! Left Whidbey @ 3:30am, in the rain, couldn't see the inside of a papersack it was so misty & foggy, so we just kept on rollin'! Ran into Roadwork & heavy traffic in Everett (of all places), took about 45m-hour to get thru that, and then it was pretty clear sailin' all the way through Bellvue! I was all the way east of Cle Elum at sunrise & by 11:00am I was rollin through Spokane. COOL! Except for the construction in Spokane it was not bad.
Blazed on through Couer De Alene, and headed for Missoula, then the road Demons descended. They're repaving & repaing the road from C-D-E all the way to within about 10-12 mikes of Missoula. Soooooooooo, we got to drive at 45 per for about 80 miles or so. Wonderous !!! I had kinda thought I might be able to get all the way to Butte, but it just wasn't meant to be. So, when I saw Missoula popup, I said to myself, then remarked to GunRboy, that it's time for us to stop/eat/crash, and then resume it in the morning!
So there you have it folks, our 1st day on the road, trippin' to the big WI ! It's a real eye opener when you the gas stations! So far, I've filled up twice @ 75$s per. @ 3+$s to the gal.
That's all for now folks,
Ta Taaaaaaaaaaaa..................LouG



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