Thursday, September 27, 2007

Roadie Boys D3

Hi Ya'll,

Here it is Wednesday, @ 5:30pm & I'm in Gillette Wyoming! WoooF !!! I've seen some real Awesome Scenery coming through Montana & now eastern Wyoming! Unbelievable mountans, gorges, rivers and fields & filds of grain and cattle. Not to mention Elk, Deer, and hundreds of Antelope. I thought I'd crackup at how the Antelope intermingled themselves into the fields with cattle. LIke they belonged, &
who would know the difference?

The Crow Indian Reservation runs from Billings, almost all the way down into Wyoming. Of course theres the Little Big Horn Battlefield Monument & just absolutely the most Colorful fall foilage along the canyon streams. WOW! I had never seen Southwest Montana, the only ugly place was Butte, and that was because of all the mining & construction going on there. I drove along the freeway for 5 miles past some big "RESTRICTED AREA" project, that when I asked about it in a gas station, no one seemed like they wanted to say anything. GOT ME !!!

My foray into eastern Wyoming was somewhat disappointing as I thought a lot of the country looked just like it does in interior SoCal. Seen enough of that!

Well, I'll have to post this later as it seems Microsoft Internet Explorer is having a nightmare & doesn't want to respond today.
"Nuff for now..........
Ta Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..........



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