Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back To Bloggin'

Hi Folks,
been away from bloggin' for a while, but now maybe I can catch up some. Have a couple of Info blogs waiting in the wings, but they still need a little more work & organization. They're on the two EAAWitness (Tanfoglio) racers that I purchased at the beginning of Summer (Which I can't believe has already disappeared into the past.). Been a really busy time for me in that I did a housesit for some friends for a couple of weeks, and then for the month of August for my sister & her husband. Believe me, it's a real chore sometimes when you're running back & forth between two houses & care thereof. And then of course, there's the DoggyBoy, GunR. He requires a lot of attention & time for play & just hanging out with Dad, Yes (!) he's my babyboy Teenage Mutant Monster at times, but wouldn't be without him.

I'm getting ready to leave this Tuesday for Wisconsin to visit my Daughter/Son-in-law & Grandson, and also to deliver her B'day present. I gave her my 1989 Corvette Coupe for her 45th. She had asked me to NOT get rid of it unless she had 1st chance at it when I purchased it back in '90. So I made her a 'gift"(?) of it. But I have to take it to her. Not a problem.

While I'm there I'll be able to catch up with some personal stuff online, as no one will be home during the day, except for myself, GunR & my daughters Boxer, Missy. (Oughta be a Real CIRCUS !) But I am looking forward to it.

There have been several matchs that I've been involved in & MrC has already reported on them. I've been working on different loads for my FancyA$$ racers. Been real frustrating at times. Lotsa going to the range & seeing how does this set of powder/bullet/cols work. NOPE ! That's NOT good enough yet, more research on powder burn rates & min/max volumes! OH DEAR GOD, please let me find a load that works without too much recoil & the right amount of power factor!

Well, enough for the moment, It's @ an hour or so 'til sunup, and we have a Steel Challenge Match today (need to get the gear together for that), that will be my last match of the year. We had our annual Island Club match yesterday where we (CWSA) took a very respectable 2nd! MrC will probably have a full report on that with pics. I did get some pics of it (still in the camera) that I will post after I get to WI. They're really good of MrC & crew. We did have a good time (burgers & stuff after the match). So all in all, things have been quite busy here. I'll welcome a little time away to relax (?) and enjoy the kids.
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