Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Eddy Brown Memorial Metal Match

Hi Folks,
Well here it is, a couple of days after the match in Couer D'Alene ID. What a BLAST ! really had a lot of fun shooting steel there.

Chris & TonyC., myself, and Al&RainyL. made the trek to shoot steel there & we all had a really good time(least ways it appeared so).

Rainy took 2nd in the Ladies Class shooting her hotrod 9r, Tony won 2nd in revolver & 1st as Junior shooter. Quite an accomplishment!!! AlL. had some ammo prblems due to a lack of enough crimp, and I had some feed problems with my EAA standard mags & 124g Rainier HP's. The mags aren't the right ones for my Elite Limited pistol (an issue to be resolved with EAA)! But, after I changed ammo, down to a 115g roundnose, I could at least load 8rounds & not have any feed problems. After that I feel I did pretty good. I think I was 6th in my class which I'll have to remedy with LOTS of practice before next years match.

My 1st thoughts after the 2/3 misfeeds was that I should have shot my revolver with which I'm more comfortable. So next year it'll be a 2 gun endeavor, Revolver & S/A!

The pime motivating factor though, is to have FUN doing it, which we certainly did.
In the Man on Man Sunday, I used my CZ75 (which I'm pretty comfortable with). We all seemed to have a problem shooting the other guys stop plate, at least ChrisC. and I did. I didn't do too bad in this until we reached the weak hand firing stage. I'd NEVER fired a handgun weak hand! Quite a learing experiance! I did hit all the plates, but boy was I slow & fired @ 10rnds to get the 6 plates! Like I say, quite a learning experiance!

At least now I know what to practice for next year. And believe me I'll be out doing my best to get in shape for it. I'd only had my new gun for 2 weeks and still was sort of fumblehanded with it, and need just to do my handling drills & smooth out the proces of jam clearance & everything with it. It is a different handling gun from a revolver needles to say.

All in all, I'm pleased with how I did, and will do my best to do better next year!

'Nuff for now.......................................................