Monday, May 28, 2007

Bowling Pin & Falling Plates

Hi Folks, let me start off with the BPM of last week.

I shot in 4 class's, C/F Optic, Revolver, BigBore Revolver & Rimfire Optic. Posted the 2nd fastest qulifying time right behind MrAl in C/F Optic, 14.7sec's with my 'new' 9r if I remember rightly. Naturally that matched me up with MrAl in the 1st shootoff & I was retired right off in that class. Next up for me was revolver, I did OK with the Mdl65 S&W(also new gun), but kept having a NO fire on one chamber with it & lost out in that class.

So, on to BBR ! I met up with Mr Deadly Dean & his 45S&W, and eked out a win, then on to CrisC. shooting my iron sight 44M with some GOOD loads in it! Worked my way past him to finally meet up with MrC. and our normal shootemup contest! Only this time, it came out with a different result! I was shooting a much hotter load & the pins went flying staright back off the tables ! YAAAHOOOOOOOOTIE, beat his buns BIGTIME ! Paybacks are FUN ! He's wasted me 2/3 times & I finally got past him without laying ONE pin down on the table !

Then, along comes the rimfire class! met one or more shooters & was doing really GOOD until along comes MsRainy & rains on my parade ! She retired me, but it was close, not quite close enough though! She then shot off with MrC. who took both 1st & 3rd in the class as he was shooting 2 guns. Lotsa FUN ! Look forward to the next one where I've gotten in a little more gun time with my 9r & the Mdl 65.

Yesterday, we had a Steel Challenge Match scheduled, but the weather wasn't being compliant & we ended up shooting Rimfire Falling Plates! What a BLAST!!!! We had 15 contestants and some REALLY good shooters! I shot (my new S&W22A) against all of the entrants as did all of us, and don't even remember most of those contests ( I was sightd for 25yds & had to hold @ the top of the plates)! MrAl dusted me as did MrC., and JohanD. from HHR&GC. But then I dusted some of the other shooters and ended up as 5th overall I think. 1 point behind JimP (Sledgehammer), and 1/2 point ahead of MsRainy!

AlL was in 1st spot, with JohanD. 2nd, MrC. in 3rd & on down the line. Results are posted on our website ( if anyones interested. So Folks, that's about the rundown of the last couple shoots, and that leaves me prepping for the regional steel match in Idaho. Taking my fancy new 9r and my CZ75 as a backup, just to be on the safe side. We have a 22r Hanging Plate Match next Saturday & a Steel Challenge on Sunday. Hopefully we'll have good weather for those. I need to practice for the Steel Match in Idaho.

'Nuff for now...........................................
Ta Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Friday, May 18, 2007

A Couple of Blogs

Well GOSH ! Time does seem to get away from us. I haven't really sat down & spent much computer time, but here goes.

I went to the NWSA Falling Plate & 22 Dueling Tree match a couple weeks ago. There weren't that many shooters, so I guess I really got "LUCKY"! It was head to head, draw from a holster, shoot 4 plates & then a 'stop' plate.

In my 1st matchup I went off against MsRainy shooting her Race9'er. I was lucky, I beat her on the 1st relay, she then trounced me on the 2nd, and I came back fullbore & took the 3rd relay. We would again meet up in another shootoff later on. Then I went against Mr. JimT., who seems to have always beat me. I beared down, dragged my trusty 6shooter out of the holster to take all three relays in jigtime! We too would meet again in another shootoff!

I then shot against a couple of other guys but as it came about, I eased past them without much problem. Then here's MsRainy again ! OH Crap! Am I going to be able to wring out another win, or will I get sent down like "Lotties Drawers"? WOOOO HOOOO, won all three relays, and next up is Mr. JimT again!!! Okee Dokee, bear down Lou, this is for the overall class win!!!! HOORAY ! I took the class ! Now on to the 22rimfire dueling tree!
WOW ! ! ! ! Same story! Couldn't seem to miss & eliminated all the others 2X over to take 1st in that also! MADE MA DAY ! Sure felt GOOD to make a win, and NOT be 2nd or 3rd ! But then MrAlL wasn't there to shoot so I had it somewhat easy.
Next day is a Steel Challenge, and as usual, there's MrAlL, and TonyC, "LighteningBoy", as my real competition! So..................... I come out 3rd in Revolver, what an EGO deflator! But, there's always another day, and more fun to had just shootin' !!!

Now for the "REAL" news!!!
It's arrived, the 1st installment on my fancy race gun purchase made back in December! My TZ-75 Limited came in, and I'm "WOWED" ! Really nice pistol, can't wait to take it to the range, get it sighted & get ready for tomorrows PinMatch!

Here's a Pic !

Also, MrC. has acquired a ChazDaley 45Auto. He tells me he's going to shoot it in 'Iron Sight" class @ the PinMatch. I may have to shoot my CZ9'er, to see how he does! That makes @ 4-5 guns I'm going to have to shoot tomorrow ! WAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOTIE, should be a "FUN" day !

Well Folks, Taa Taaaaaaaaaa for now ! Gotta go sight my M65S&W with a new reddot, and also (most importantly), my TZ75 that I'm taking to Idaho!