Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Steel Challenge Match 3/31

These are great matchs, nothing like the clang of lead hitting steel to please your sense of accomplishment!
We had a really good turnout with over twenty shooters participating in the six classes. There were a few (6) shooters that came down from the Bellingham Club at Custer. KimG, GeraldR., Meghan (@14yrs old, and a crackshot!), Her Dad, and I think that was all the shooters.
Centerfire Open,( optic/reddot-compensated guns) Centerfire Limited (box stock, with only modified trigger pull & adjustable sights), Revolover, Limited & Optic, and then Rimfire Limited & Optic.
The format of the Match is when you're signed up in the class(s) that you want to shoot in, you're given a card which you fill out with your name, class and scenario that's to be shot. When you're ready to shoot, you give the proper card (one for each class & firearm) to the scorekeeper, who will record your shoot times. The R/O, will get you ready, for each string of 5 shots on that scenario. After you've run through your 5 relays, the scorekeeper gives you back your card for that event, you total the times, and then turn it in to the Scorekeeper for the Match.

At the end of all scenario relays, the scorer totals all the score for the various class's and then the winners are announced. The breakdown for the top three was as follows:
Centerfire - Limited
lst Johan Davis
2nd Gerald Rutgers
3rd Al Slader

Centerfire - Open
1st Kim Gorham
2nd Al Lindell
3rd Johan Davis

Revolver - Limited
1st Johan Davis
2nd Al Slader

Revolver - Open
1st Al Lindell
2nd Tony Ceci
3rd Lou Gunn

Rimfire - Limited
1st Jim Pfeiffer
2nd Randy Nollan
3rd Mike Gallion

Rimfire - Open
1st Al Lindell
2nd Mike Gallion
3rd Gerald Rutgers

Now those are just the top three in each class. Later on I will get the score sheets for the match, and post all contenders, with times, in order of ranking. I'm doing that because in the rimfire class's, there was only .01 sec's between 2nd & 3rd place. I think I was about 6th or 7th, but I'm not sure.
My overall time was somewhere in the mid 30's, so you can see how competitive it is.

'Nuff for the moment, will post all times/scores later on! The next match upcoming, is a Falling Plate Match on April 7th!


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Your posts are always appreciated!

It was a fun day......

...... Mr. C.

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