Friday, April 20, 2007

Shooters Weekend

Hi All,
Here we are on the brink of the weekend and at CWSA we have a Bowling Pin Match on Saturday, and a Hanging Plate 22 Match on Sunday! Wooooooo Hoooooooooo ! ! ! !

Should be a really "FUN" weekend. I've outfittted my new S&W22a-1 with a Leupold/Gilmore Red Dot after tryng a Tru-Glo and a Bushnell Trophy. I decided I better stick with what I can see best with and what"Works for Me" ! !

I'm going to shoot both the S&W S/A and Revolver in Sundays match to see if I can't better myself in the rankings of finalists. Of course there's always MsRainy & the KeeeWeee Gal that I have to watch out for. They've both gotten really good in the 22 matchs.

Well, I'll post all the "Gruesome" details on Monday after I've recovered from shooting 4 class's in Bowling Pins ( Centerfire, Revolver, BigBore Revolver & 22 ) & two in Hanging Plates!

Ta Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...........................