Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hanging Plate Match 4/22/07

Wow ! We had a GREAT turnout ! Seven shooters in Iron Sight Class & fifteen shooters in Optic Class. Although MrDeadlyDean & I both shot 2 guns. Each of us a S/A & a Revolver.

Natually MrC. (even with all his moanin' & groanin' @ not being able to see/shoot ) managed to 'squeeeeek' by all the rest of us to finish 1st in both class's! I managed to somehow come up with a score of 33 in S/A, and 22 with my revolver ( Practice would help ) !
The results were as follows:
Iron Sights
1. MikeeG 51
2. JimP 47
3. Al L. 40
4. Mike F.
LarrieF 34

Optic Sights
1. MikeeG 62
2. JenniferK
Al L. 58
3. JimP 55
4. JohnH 54

There you have it folks. Next Saturday is NWSC Falling Plates, drawing from a holster. Then on Sunday, we have a Steel Challenge Match at CWSA. Until then !

Ta Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.................................


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How 'bout a rimfire revolver hanging plate class?

It's a thought........

......... Mr. C

3:09 PM  

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