Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hanging Plate Match 3/25

Wowee Zowee folks, it was really a GOOD match! There were about 18+ shooters that turned out for the match, with several new ones that came for their first match ever! I wasn't sure whether it was going to be An HPM or FPM as to the weather had been REALLY nasty & wet. I was afraid the field on the 75 yd range would be real muddy, as we've had some construction going on there. But as it turned out, it was washed into really hard pack dirt! Great!
We shoot this match @ 10,15. 20 & 25yds. You've six plates, 4"@10yds, 5"@15yds, 6"@ 20yds & finally 7"ers @ 25yds. You have a 6 second limit in which to hit the 6 targets with only 6shots! Doesn't sound too challenging, until you try doing it. There were several shooters that ran past the 6 second limit, hitting the plates, but they weren't counted. Only those hits within the 6 second time period count!

I didn't start off real hot, but then got into the swing of things & pulled past MrAl in the final 2 stages by a couple plates in each one. I was astounded when I read off the scores & found I had come in 2nd to MrC. in the optic class, and just ahead of MrAl, who was 3rd. MsRainy & the Kiwi gal tied for 4th ! Those two, you really have to watch as they are truly competitive. I just had a GOOD day. I changed ammo, so I no longer have malfunctions to keep me from shooting consistantly & regularly on a timed basis. WHOOOPEEEE !

In the iron sight class, MrC. snuck by several shooters to garner 1st place, but there's a couple of up & comers that will bear watching! Mike Furber, son of a friend of MrC,'s, in his very first match took 2nd, only 4 points behind MikeeG, and another new shooter, KenH. was right behind him with a score of 41pts. That will bear some eyeballin' for sure! Be interesting to see how he shoots in the next match, which will be the 22nd of April I believe. Altho', we do have a Falling Plate Match between now & then.

Well Folks, that's a quick rundown on the match. The Scores etc. are up on our website, so if you're interested, check it out. Our next match is a Steel Challenge on Mar. 31st.
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