Sunday, April 08, 2007

Falling Plate Match 4/7/07

We had a GREAT turnout for our 2nd Falling Plate Match, 23 shooters if I recall correctly. And what a time we had ! I'll bet we shot more 22rounds than Carters got pills. We even had three of the top shooters from the Custer gunclub in Bellingham come down & participate. KimG., BruceL. & JanS.

Their range is apparently still flooded. I do know this, we all had a really fun time & got in a lot of shooting time. We were divided into 2 groups, one of eleven shooters & the other of twelve ! As expected, with Al L in one group and MrC. in the other, they ended up as the winners and had a shootoff to see who would be the overall match "Honcho". Then KimG & our own TonyC. had a shootoff for 3rd place 'braggin' rights, which MsKim outdid the "Lightnin' Kid" !

The scores for each group are as follows, but don't reflect the close matchs many of us had or the 'quick' times in which they were shot!

1st Group
Al L. 27
KimG 24.5 Custer
BruceL. 23.5 Custer
JanS 19.5 Custer
LouG 15
MikeF 14.5
JohanD 13.5
RainyL 13.5
SteveM 5
WayneF 3.5
RandyN. ?

2nd Group
MikeeG 32 (alias MrC. )
TonyC. 27
Jim Pfiefer 25.5
JenniferK 21 ( Kiwi )
JoeL 17
ChrisC 17
JimR 15
LarrieF 14.5
DeanH 14
Al S. 13.5
BrandiD. 5
LarryW. ~

1st MrC, ( alias MikeeG. )
2nd Al L.
3rd KimG.

LarryW. seemed to be having great "FUN" getting out & shooting with the younger guys & gals!

Like I say, the scores are no reflection of the times each relay were shot in. I do know this, MrC. needs to keep a close eye on MikeF, because he's already a real tough competitor with iron sights !
And, I feel rather privilaged to be able to shoot against the Custer shooters and come off not too bad a 2nd spot to them. I also 'squeeked' one past MrAl to only lose 2 points to him. And I don't feel I did all that bad against some of the other participants, who all seem to be getting real GOOD this early in the match season.

'Nuff for now, still have the results to post on our website!
TA Taaaaaaaaa


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