Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bowling Pins 4/21/07

Did I say GRUESOME Details???? Boy ! Did I have precognition or what???? This had to be the most disastrous pin shoot I've ever seen! No one seemed to be shooting all that well this week. We had some shooters come down from Custer, and one of them remarked that they couldn't hit crap from the inside out!

I shot off with MrC. in the BigBore class, and all I could do was to lay the pins over on their sides & all of seem to stay right there! CrapiolaBola!! Next time, I'm loading up some 300gr. bullets & see what those do! In the Centerfire optic class, which usually belongs to MrAl & his 8shot S&W, went to GeraldR from Custer. In 2nd place, another Custer shooter, JanS., and 3rd falling to MsKimG. also from Custer.

Next up was Centerfire Iron sights. I don't remember the bloody details but, I somehow managed to eck out 2nd place ( With my CZ75 ) shooting against GeraldR ( 1911 45 ) from Custer, with our own LarrieF ( With his CZ85 ) taking 3rd. How that came about is beyond me the way I was shooting!

In Revolver class, I didn't do too bad until I went up against "Deadly"DeanH. who retired me & then faced off with the "Lightening Kid" TonyC., who took the class. MrDean was 2nd and another Custer shooter, ChrisR., who actually came down from Canada to shoot with us took 3rd.

Then we come to the Rimfire Pintops ! I don't know how any of us, (Except Kiwi ) managed to even hit the pintops we were shooting sooooooooooo BAD ! Ended up MrAl was 1st, MsJenniferK. ( Kiwi ) was 2nd and in the "Glory Spot" was MrC., who MrAl had eliminated in two shootoffs and I was eliminated by MsJennifer! All in all, I felt like, "How the HELL does THAT work" ???? Next match is the Hanging Plates tomorrow. Hope I can do somewhat better, as I'm shooting two new guns. My S&WK22 revolver & my S&W22A-1 S/A. We'll see !

'Nuff for the monent!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To say it was ugly is being kind.......

..... Mr. C.

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