Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hanging Plate Match 4/22/07

Wow ! We had a GREAT turnout ! Seven shooters in Iron Sight Class & fifteen shooters in Optic Class. Although MrDeadlyDean & I both shot 2 guns. Each of us a S/A & a Revolver.

Natually MrC. (even with all his moanin' & groanin' @ not being able to see/shoot ) managed to 'squeeeeek' by all the rest of us to finish 1st in both class's! I managed to somehow come up with a score of 33 in S/A, and 22 with my revolver ( Practice would help ) !
The results were as follows:
Iron Sights
1. MikeeG 51
2. JimP 47
3. Al L. 40
4. Mike F.
LarrieF 34

Optic Sights
1. MikeeG 62
2. JenniferK
Al L. 58
3. JimP 55
4. JohnH 54

There you have it folks. Next Saturday is NWSC Falling Plates, drawing from a holster. Then on Sunday, we have a Steel Challenge Match at CWSA. Until then !

Ta Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.................................

Bowling Pins 4/21/07

Did I say GRUESOME Details???? Boy ! Did I have precognition or what???? This had to be the most disastrous pin shoot I've ever seen! No one seemed to be shooting all that well this week. We had some shooters come down from Custer, and one of them remarked that they couldn't hit crap from the inside out!

I shot off with MrC. in the BigBore class, and all I could do was to lay the pins over on their sides & all of seem to stay right there! CrapiolaBola!! Next time, I'm loading up some 300gr. bullets & see what those do! In the Centerfire optic class, which usually belongs to MrAl & his 8shot S&W, went to GeraldR from Custer. In 2nd place, another Custer shooter, JanS., and 3rd falling to MsKimG. also from Custer.

Next up was Centerfire Iron sights. I don't remember the bloody details but, I somehow managed to eck out 2nd place ( With my CZ75 ) shooting against GeraldR ( 1911 45 ) from Custer, with our own LarrieF ( With his CZ85 ) taking 3rd. How that came about is beyond me the way I was shooting!

In Revolver class, I didn't do too bad until I went up against "Deadly"DeanH. who retired me & then faced off with the "Lightening Kid" TonyC., who took the class. MrDean was 2nd and another Custer shooter, ChrisR., who actually came down from Canada to shoot with us took 3rd.

Then we come to the Rimfire Pintops ! I don't know how any of us, (Except Kiwi ) managed to even hit the pintops we were shooting sooooooooooo BAD ! Ended up MrAl was 1st, MsJenniferK. ( Kiwi ) was 2nd and in the "Glory Spot" was MrC., who MrAl had eliminated in two shootoffs and I was eliminated by MsJennifer! All in all, I felt like, "How the HELL does THAT work" ???? Next match is the Hanging Plates tomorrow. Hope I can do somewhat better, as I'm shooting two new guns. My S&WK22 revolver & my S&W22A-1 S/A. We'll see !

'Nuff for the monent!
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Shooters Weekend

Hi All,
Here we are on the brink of the weekend and at CWSA we have a Bowling Pin Match on Saturday, and a Hanging Plate 22 Match on Sunday! Wooooooo Hoooooooooo ! ! ! !

Should be a really "FUN" weekend. I've outfittted my new S&W22a-1 with a Leupold/Gilmore Red Dot after tryng a Tru-Glo and a Bushnell Trophy. I decided I better stick with what I can see best with and what"Works for Me" ! !

I'm going to shoot both the S&W S/A and Revolver in Sundays match to see if I can't better myself in the rankings of finalists. Of course there's always MsRainy & the KeeeWeee Gal that I have to watch out for. They've both gotten really good in the 22 matchs.

Well, I'll post all the "Gruesome" details on Monday after I've recovered from shooting 4 class's in Bowling Pins ( Centerfire, Revolver, BigBore Revolver & 22 ) & two in Hanging Plates!

Ta Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...........................


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gun Free Victim Zones !

The tragedy at Virginia Tech could possibly have been prevented by just one concealed carry permit holder who happened to be there when this deranged person began shooting innocent students and faulty members.

It is also worthwhile to note that Virginia Tech is -- because of deliberate policies set by its administration -- a victim disarmament zone, where even those with a state-issued concealed carry permit are denied their right of self-defense. In fact, pro-gun forces just last year tried to get the Virginia legislature to address the problem. The bill to allow permit holders to carry on state-supported college campuses died, due in no smallpart to rabid opposition from Virginia Tech itself.

VT spokesman Larry Hincker put it this way after it became obvious that the bill would not pass: "I'm sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly's actions because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus."

Well folks, there it is in black & white! Need there be more said?? Naturally the VPC people will go off on a tangent & rally 'round the bodies of the victims demanding more "Gun Control" legislation!

'Nuff said.........................


What kind of Man . . . . . . . .


Jack Tilley, a Sergeant Major of the Army, was with a group of people
who recently were visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington , DC .
He saw a Special Forces soldier who had lost his right hand and suffered severe wounds of his face and side of his body.
Sgt. Tilley wanted to honor him and show him respect without offending, but what can you say or do in such a situation that will encourage and uplift?
How do you shake the right hand of a soldier who has none?
He decided to act as though the hand was not missing and gripped the soldiers wrist while speaking words of comfort and encouragement to him.
However, there was another man in the group who knew exactly what to do.
This man reverently took the soldier's stump of a hand in both of his hands, bowed at the bedside, and prayed for him.
When he finished the prayer he stood up, bent over the soldier, kissed him on the head, and told him that he loved him.
Sgt. Tilley was awed by the powerful expression of love for one of our wounded heroes he was witnessing "What a beautiful Christ-like example!" he thought, moved to tears.

What kind of a man would do such a thing?

It was the wounded man's Commander-In-Chief, George W. Bush, President of the United States.

This eyewitness account was told by Sergeant Major Jack Tilley at a Soldiers Breakfast at Red Stone Arsenal, AL, and recorded by Chaplain James Henderson, who was stationed there.

Pass it on.... the PRESS WON'T


Friday, April 13, 2007

New S&W 22A-1

Well, I 'jumped' the 'gun' just slightly and bought my BAG gun a couple days early! Saw one of the guys from another club at our Falling Plate Match with a S&W 22A. Picked it up, felt GOOD! Thought about it for maybe 2 seconds and said to myself, "Gotta shoot better than my Ruger with that damn skinny grip"! Another shooter from Custer gunclub said she had one of 'em for sale, was I interested? HAH! You betchum RedRyder! We struck the deal for $250 and she told me she had 5 mags for it. KEWL !!! I went to pick it up Wednesday & she told me she had made a mistake, there were six mags for it ! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO ! !

I brought it home & on Thursday went to the range & sighted it both iron sights and with a Bushnell Trophy reddot. AGAIN, SOOOOPERB ! Like the feel of it, the way it points and the seemingly reliability as I tried 4-5 different brands of ammo in it and they all worked flawlessly!!! SHAZZAM ! I opted for the deal as I'm a cheeeeepie when it comes to guns! It has the 51/2" brrl and works great! Now to see how I can do against the whizbang fella MrC. !!! Although KeeWee will sneak right on by you given even the slightest hint of hesitation on your part.

Here's a couple pics!

You Got IT!!!
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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Falling Plate Match 4/7/07

We had a GREAT turnout for our 2nd Falling Plate Match, 23 shooters if I recall correctly. And what a time we had ! I'll bet we shot more 22rounds than Carters got pills. We even had three of the top shooters from the Custer gunclub in Bellingham come down & participate. KimG., BruceL. & JanS.

Their range is apparently still flooded. I do know this, we all had a really fun time & got in a lot of shooting time. We were divided into 2 groups, one of eleven shooters & the other of twelve ! As expected, with Al L in one group and MrC. in the other, they ended up as the winners and had a shootoff to see who would be the overall match "Honcho". Then KimG & our own TonyC. had a shootoff for 3rd place 'braggin' rights, which MsKim outdid the "Lightnin' Kid" !

The scores for each group are as follows, but don't reflect the close matchs many of us had or the 'quick' times in which they were shot!

1st Group
Al L. 27
KimG 24.5 Custer
BruceL. 23.5 Custer
JanS 19.5 Custer
LouG 15
MikeF 14.5
JohanD 13.5
RainyL 13.5
SteveM 5
WayneF 3.5
RandyN. ?

2nd Group
MikeeG 32 (alias MrC. )
TonyC. 27
Jim Pfiefer 25.5
JenniferK 21 ( Kiwi )
JoeL 17
ChrisC 17
JimR 15
LarrieF 14.5
DeanH 14
Al S. 13.5
BrandiD. 5
LarryW. ~

1st MrC, ( alias MikeeG. )
2nd Al L.
3rd KimG.

LarryW. seemed to be having great "FUN" getting out & shooting with the younger guys & gals!

Like I say, the scores are no reflection of the times each relay were shot in. I do know this, MrC. needs to keep a close eye on MikeF, because he's already a real tough competitor with iron sights !
And, I feel rather privilaged to be able to shoot against the Custer shooters and come off not too bad a 2nd spot to them. I also 'squeeked' one past MrAl to only lose 2 points to him. And I don't feel I did all that bad against some of the other participants, who all seem to be getting real GOOD this early in the match season.

'Nuff for now, still have the results to post on our website!
TA Taaaaaaaaa

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Steel Challenge Match 3/31

These are great matchs, nothing like the clang of lead hitting steel to please your sense of accomplishment!
We had a really good turnout with over twenty shooters participating in the six classes. There were a few (6) shooters that came down from the Bellingham Club at Custer. KimG, GeraldR., Meghan (@14yrs old, and a crackshot!), Her Dad, and I think that was all the shooters.
Centerfire Open,( optic/reddot-compensated guns) Centerfire Limited (box stock, with only modified trigger pull & adjustable sights), Revolover, Limited & Optic, and then Rimfire Limited & Optic.
The format of the Match is when you're signed up in the class(s) that you want to shoot in, you're given a card which you fill out with your name, class and scenario that's to be shot. When you're ready to shoot, you give the proper card (one for each class & firearm) to the scorekeeper, who will record your shoot times. The R/O, will get you ready, for each string of 5 shots on that scenario. After you've run through your 5 relays, the scorekeeper gives you back your card for that event, you total the times, and then turn it in to the Scorekeeper for the Match.

At the end of all scenario relays, the scorer totals all the score for the various class's and then the winners are announced. The breakdown for the top three was as follows:
Centerfire - Limited
lst Johan Davis
2nd Gerald Rutgers
3rd Al Slader

Centerfire - Open
1st Kim Gorham
2nd Al Lindell
3rd Johan Davis

Revolver - Limited
1st Johan Davis
2nd Al Slader

Revolver - Open
1st Al Lindell
2nd Tony Ceci
3rd Lou Gunn

Rimfire - Limited
1st Jim Pfeiffer
2nd Randy Nollan
3rd Mike Gallion

Rimfire - Open
1st Al Lindell
2nd Mike Gallion
3rd Gerald Rutgers

Now those are just the top three in each class. Later on I will get the score sheets for the match, and post all contenders, with times, in order of ranking. I'm doing that because in the rimfire class's, there was only .01 sec's between 2nd & 3rd place. I think I was about 6th or 7th, but I'm not sure.
My overall time was somewhere in the mid 30's, so you can see how competitive it is.

'Nuff for the moment, will post all times/scores later on! The next match upcoming, is a Falling Plate Match on April 7th!

Hanging Plate Match 3/25

Wowee Zowee folks, it was really a GOOD match! There were about 18+ shooters that turned out for the match, with several new ones that came for their first match ever! I wasn't sure whether it was going to be An HPM or FPM as to the weather had been REALLY nasty & wet. I was afraid the field on the 75 yd range would be real muddy, as we've had some construction going on there. But as it turned out, it was washed into really hard pack dirt! Great!
We shoot this match @ 10,15. 20 & 25yds. You've six plates, 4"@10yds, 5"@15yds, 6"@ 20yds & finally 7"ers @ 25yds. You have a 6 second limit in which to hit the 6 targets with only 6shots! Doesn't sound too challenging, until you try doing it. There were several shooters that ran past the 6 second limit, hitting the plates, but they weren't counted. Only those hits within the 6 second time period count!

I didn't start off real hot, but then got into the swing of things & pulled past MrAl in the final 2 stages by a couple plates in each one. I was astounded when I read off the scores & found I had come in 2nd to MrC. in the optic class, and just ahead of MrAl, who was 3rd. MsRainy & the Kiwi gal tied for 4th ! Those two, you really have to watch as they are truly competitive. I just had a GOOD day. I changed ammo, so I no longer have malfunctions to keep me from shooting consistantly & regularly on a timed basis. WHOOOPEEEE !

In the iron sight class, MrC. snuck by several shooters to garner 1st place, but there's a couple of up & comers that will bear watching! Mike Furber, son of a friend of MrC,'s, in his very first match took 2nd, only 4 points behind MikeeG, and another new shooter, KenH. was right behind him with a score of 41pts. That will bear some eyeballin' for sure! Be interesting to see how he shoots in the next match, which will be the 22nd of April I believe. Altho', we do have a Falling Plate Match between now & then.

Well Folks, that's a quick rundown on the match. The Scores etc. are up on our website, so if you're interested, check it out. Our next match is a Steel Challenge on Mar. 31st.
Ta Taaaaaaaaaaa