Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mar 10th Bowling Pins

Hi Folks,
here we are post match and I'm lickin' my wounds! MrC. dusted me in the "Big Bore Class", but I made him 'work' for it! I posted a pretty good qualifier but just couldn't get all the pins off the table quicktime. So, next match I'll load up some 300gr bullets & be ready for the wipeout!

In centerfire iron sight class, I posted one of the fastest tables I've done with ironsights, shooting my CZ75 9er! 4.16 sec's and MsRainy goes, "WOW" ! Amazed myself with that one, now to get in some practice time. Been otherwise occupied with NO shoot time available. Did fairly well 1st matchup until the last table & I couldn't seem to get that 1st pin & ended up giving it away to RandyN shooting a Taurus 357. Oh well, there's next time.

In revolver class, TonyC. and I went off in the 1st matchup & he played boomboomboom with me & I became a spectator real fast!
Little speedy demon! Later when he went up against another shooter, he fired the 1st round, laid pin #1 down & prceedes to miss everything else on the table. I asked him, "Why don't you shoot that way when I shoot against you?" He told me, "I like to beat you!" Well HELL ! What can I say, except that he slows down a little when I shoot against him and he actually shoots faster!

Then in Pintops, MrC & I went off on the 1st matchup & he dusts me, but again, I made him work for it bigtime. I think I surprised him in that last year I couldn't hit squat with my Ruger22/45. But now I've gotten it sighted, found some ammo it likes, and with some more practice time, I'll be ready to "RocknRoll"!!! I'm still waiting for my TZ75 Gold Trophy to arrive, supposedly in a couple weeks. But I've heard that before & am not relying on what they say, only in when I see it in my gunbox!

Well folks, that's a brief rundown, MrC. has ALL the gory details on his 'blog', so pick it up there !



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