Monday, March 19, 2007

Falling Plate Match

Here it is monday, and I'm just getting down to the update ! The match was a HUGE success !!
We had 21 participants, and everyone got in lots of shooting time! In the round robin style match with all the people who showed up, we ended up having two groups of shooters, with the overall winner of each group in a head to head shootoff, best 3 of 5 relays!

It had pretty much came out the way I expected with AlL being tops in one group, and MrC. the topgun of the 2nd group. MrC. & "EvilAl" as he likes to say, went head to head for the Match Champion. AlL took the first two relays, and then MrC. took the 2nd two, with the final going to AlL. Was it 'close'? You Betchum!!! Cliffhanger on both sides! But, AlL with his 'no holds barred' speedstyle took the day. It's amaaaaaazing how fast those guys can shoot at times. It seems as if they had full auto rimfire pistols from the sound of it.

Myself, I was somewhere back mid pack. But, I was pleased in that I won 15 of the relays, tied 3, and only 'lost' 7. pretty good for me, considering how much of a problem(s) I had in last years matchs. Hopefully I'll do better this year, and with the change of ammo, I think I'm off to a fair start. I also (finally) found a S&W K22 6shot revolver. Seems one of the club members who no longer shoots, had it stuck away, and through casual conversation came up with it & offered it for sale ! Needless to say I "pounced" on it & am pleased to be able to add it to my gun bag. Have to get out & practice with it too !

Being that I was one of the match range officers, I didn't get any picture of it, but there are some on MrC.'s blog & Miss KiWi's blog if you're interested. I have so many irons in the fire, I can almost meet myself coming or going when I'm doing some activity. I also need to get out (another weather related discourse) and work on my Workshop/Loading shed. Still need to finish up wiring & insulating it so I can put up interior wall panels. Need a little more warm weather so I can get outside & do the stuff. Kind of hard when it's raining, windy and just plain nasty!

Well Folks, I guess that brings things up to date for the moment. The next shoot is a Falling Plate Match at North Whidbey Gunclub on saturday, then sunday is our Hanging Plate Match at Central Whidbey! WooooHoooo, more shoot time & practice! Love it!

That's it for now
Ta Taaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mar 10th Bowling Pins

Hi Folks,
here we are post match and I'm lickin' my wounds! MrC. dusted me in the "Big Bore Class", but I made him 'work' for it! I posted a pretty good qualifier but just couldn't get all the pins off the table quicktime. So, next match I'll load up some 300gr bullets & be ready for the wipeout!

In centerfire iron sight class, I posted one of the fastest tables I've done with ironsights, shooting my CZ75 9er! 4.16 sec's and MsRainy goes, "WOW" ! Amazed myself with that one, now to get in some practice time. Been otherwise occupied with NO shoot time available. Did fairly well 1st matchup until the last table & I couldn't seem to get that 1st pin & ended up giving it away to RandyN shooting a Taurus 357. Oh well, there's next time.

In revolver class, TonyC. and I went off in the 1st matchup & he played boomboomboom with me & I became a spectator real fast!
Little speedy demon! Later when he went up against another shooter, he fired the 1st round, laid pin #1 down & prceedes to miss everything else on the table. I asked him, "Why don't you shoot that way when I shoot against you?" He told me, "I like to beat you!" Well HELL ! What can I say, except that he slows down a little when I shoot against him and he actually shoots faster!

Then in Pintops, MrC & I went off on the 1st matchup & he dusts me, but again, I made him work for it bigtime. I think I surprised him in that last year I couldn't hit squat with my Ruger22/45. But now I've gotten it sighted, found some ammo it likes, and with some more practice time, I'll be ready to "RocknRoll"!!! I'm still waiting for my TZ75 Gold Trophy to arrive, supposedly in a couple weeks. But I've heard that before & am not relying on what they say, only in when I see it in my gunbox!

Well folks, that's a brief rundown, MrC. has ALL the gory details on his 'blog', so pick it up there !


Mar 13th

Here we go again! Started this yesterday & got it all ready to post and 'lost' it. Soooo I get to do it all over again. First things first, Puppy Report!
he's 3 mos, 25+lbs, and n18" tall, and into everything! he's really pretty good. He comes when I call him, sits, stays (Mostly), and tells me emphatically when he needs to go out! Here's a recent Pic.
he would like to think that He's the "Boss"! But to his dismay, he knows who really is, and grouses about it regularly. He "talks back" when he doesn't want to do what I tell him to. But that's OK, it's actually kin of funny.

I spent the last 2 weeks of February and the 1st few days of March @ EvilAL & Rainys house. They were away on a Carribean Cruise & needed someone to take of the TAZ guy. He too is a character. GunR would try to get him to play, and all he could would be to run & bark over his shoulder like "Leave ME alone!" It was a riot! During that time, we had RAIN, SNOW and essentially just 'crummy' weather! MrC. and I went to a TOOL Sale" in Langley & I outfitted my workshop/Loading shed with the necessary power tools so I can remodel my house on the inside. I also played telephone tag and had numerous conversations with the contractors that were supposed to upgrading our range facilities. Mostly their excuses were weather related & very valid.

Finally, the week that MrAl & MsRainy got back, the weather improved (only slightly) enough for things to get moving at the gunclub. I was supposed to meet the PinRange cover contractor on Monday morning so they could be let in the gate. I got there & waited for the Crew all day, but NO one showed up. I called that afternoon, got a profuse apology & a promise they would be there in the morning. They showed up & started in constructing the metasl roof shed (12'X40') for the actual range cover. WOW ! did it go up fast, it was really quicktime. When I saw what the ground was like where the two other ones were going, I thought we better gravel that NOW, rather than after they were up. So I had the tree removal contractor bring in 10yds of gravel & had that taken care of. Then the shed contractor had a days delay & I thought, "Oh crap, they aren't going to be finsihed for the saturday PinMatch"! But, wonder of wonders, they came in with two crews on friday, finished it up & we were all happy with the results. Hooooooooooooooooray ! PinMatch ready !!!! I took a few pics of the construction and here they are:

Well, here you have it folks. Now you have an idea of what I've had going on & why the lack of 'Blogging' for the last couple three weeks. Been kind of BUSY!

Ta Taaaaaaaaaa