Sunday, January 21, 2007

PinMatch Prepping

The shooting season begins with a PINMATCH SEMINAR on January 27th. MrAl is going to give all the interested new pinshooters the details on what the procedure is, ammo to be used, and rules of the road. He does this on an annual basis for people new to the gunclub and interested in shooting bowling pins. We also do the same sort of thing for those interested in Steel Plate Matchs. That will come about the following week on Feb. 3rd.

What I have done is to pick up a new 'niner' pin/steel match gun. I purchased a CZ75b. So far it seems to be a really nice accurate gun. MrC. and I were out after the workparty yesterday checking it out. He said the long trigger pull would take some getting used to, but I didn't even notice it because I shoot revolver most of the time in double action! Here's a couple pics of the little beauty!

I really need to get out and practice with it as both MrC. and MsRainy shoot the same type of gun. MrC. has his Taurus PT92 Mini-Race gun, and MsRainy shoots a MrAl custom niner that is really "NICE" !! I just don't want to look like "MrBeginner" when we get there to compete. I'm also going to acquire an "Open Class" niner to shoot in the Steel Plate Matchs that will be compensated with a reddot sight & all the "Bells & Whistles", hope it does me some good !

Well folks, I guess that's all for now.............................................



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