Sunday, January 14, 2007

MidMonth January

Gosh, here it is midJanuary & it seems like MrWinter is really wreaking havoc with us here on Whidbey Isle. I was out to the range shooting my birthday presents and having a high time. The detraction to being there was the 'dangit' coooold! I think the temp was @26d and luckily NO wind. I tried out my new little RedRyder 22carbine and was carried back to the days of my youth in how much fun it was.

I also recieved a new CZ75 stainless and was 'WOWed by how nice a 'shooter' it is. Found that at 15yds it was 2" low & left. After I got home I broke out the manual to see what I needed to do to adjust the sight. Teeny tiny Allen wrench, drift punch & tapper hammer. Headed back to the range & proceeded to get sighted windage wise, and the went to the Pin area to see what my impact point would be on a bowling pin. Right dead center but just a little low from point of aim. ACCEPTABLE for pinshootin'!!! HEH HEH Heeee MrC's gonna have some competition in the niner class now! Although we'll both have to watch out for MsRainy! She's getting better & better all the time.

We're having a Bowling Pin Seminar next saturday, and a Steel Match Seminar the following week, but NO matchs until March. It's OK, it'll give me time to get 9er ammo loaded & workup an accuracey acceptable load for both steel & for pins.

Well folks, here's hopin' it warms up a little & the Icey/Snow melts off & goes away! I sure have had enough to do me for this winter I'll say that!

Taaaaaaa Ta


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