Saturday, January 06, 2007

Jan. 1, 2007 Rifle Match

Here it is, the start of the New Year and we've had our 1st match at CWSA. Granted, the weather was cold & blustery with wind gust up to 30-35mph. But it was fun!

Our Rifle Match Co-Ordinator likes to start the new year off right, so we have a match every 1st of January. Maybe he thinks it brings him luck. I didn't participate in the center fire match, but did in the 100 yd rimfire class.

Somehow, even in all the wind & occasional sprinkle, I managed to eck out a 1st place win with a 311-4x score. I didn't expect to even hit the paper with the windy gusty day that it was. Several times our wind speed/direction flag was knocked over & had to be placed back upright during the match. It was REALLY blowing something fierce at times.

All in all I was rather pleased as I beat the match master who had a score of 266 really well. It always pleases me to out score him as he always says something like, "OH! Lous been practicing again!" Somewhat of a derogatory dig I feel, so you can understand my jubilation at scoring better than he.

That's the story of our January rifle match. "Nuff for now...................................



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