Monday, January 29, 2007

New resident at My House

well, I've gone & done it ! I was going through the classified ads the other day & an ad for Boxer puppies caught my eye. I have watched the ads just sort of out of curiosity as I in a 'previous' life had raised Boxers for about 12-15 years.

A few days went by, and I picked up the paper & was again looking in the ads and thought, "I wonder what their like"? So I called the 'phone number & talked to a very pleasant younger woman who is the owner/breeder. We had a conversation that ran on for about 30-45 minutes & I asked if she had any pics of the puppies she could send to me. OH Yeah, so I recieved the E/M and looked at this Brindle male & said to myself, "Gosh ! He looks just like my "Spanky" boy did back when I bought him in the late '60's.

I didn't reply to the E/M. I mulled it over, and thought to myself, you can't have a dog! You're going to Wisconsin for 2 or 3 months in the Fall & there's no one you should go off & leave him with. So I called my daughter & told her I was going to have to cut my visit somewhat short. She asked how long are you going to stay then. I said a week ! She "HIT" the fan & told me that was un-acceptable as she & my son-in-law & Grandson had plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years & our birthdays, and Why was I not going to stay.

I told her I was thinking of getting a Boxer puppie & didn't want to go off & leave him for that length of time. Even though MrAl & MsRainy said they would take care of him for me. I don't want to have him away from me for that long. She immediately said, "Bring him with you"! Missy (Her Boxer) will 'LOVE' having a playmate, even if it's only for a while. I told he rno, but she was insistant. I finally agreed and we talked a little more.

After talking to my daughter, I called the lady & told her, "That's MY Doggie Boy" ! I made arrangements to meet with her & acquire said pup. Can't wait !!! I won't get him until the 7th, but I have preparations to do to make a secure & homey place for the guy.

OH! I almost forgot, here's a pic of the beautiful little guy!

Well Folks, it's just another adventure in life!

Taa Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....................


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pin Match Seminar

Here we are post P/M Seminar, and all seems to have gone well. We had about 16-18 people come out and maybe, just maybe we'll have 3-4 of them show up and compete in the matchs. Seems like when we have a seminar, and the first match comes around, we only have maybe one (1) new person come out. Although this time there were quite a few more participants than in the past.

MrAl gave his show & tell on what equipment is needed, and the general procedure for how we operate & score the participants. There were a few procedural questions from the group and a lot of what kind of gun is the 'best' for pinmatchs and the usual. He also pointed out that we're going to add a "Big Bore" revolver shoot. Babies in the class will 44Caliber, that's so MrC. can shoot his new 480Ruger & feel like competition. It should be a REALLY "FUN" shoot.

Then we all got semi-organized & proceeded to the Pin Range, where MrAl gave some hands on instruction of stance, handhold tracking etc. There were a few of the people that just wanted to watch, but several were real interested in getting some "pin time in"! I did snag a few Pix of the event, and caught MrC., all agog at the proceedings!

Check this !

And I also caught some pix of the participants getting some pointers from MrAL. Here's a couple of them.

So there you have it folks, I think the pic of MrC. is one of those once in a lifetime "Classics" ! I'll probabley never get that opportunity again!

Taa Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Sunday, January 21, 2007

PinMatch Prepping

The shooting season begins with a PINMATCH SEMINAR on January 27th. MrAl is going to give all the interested new pinshooters the details on what the procedure is, ammo to be used, and rules of the road. He does this on an annual basis for people new to the gunclub and interested in shooting bowling pins. We also do the same sort of thing for those interested in Steel Plate Matchs. That will come about the following week on Feb. 3rd.

What I have done is to pick up a new 'niner' pin/steel match gun. I purchased a CZ75b. So far it seems to be a really nice accurate gun. MrC. and I were out after the workparty yesterday checking it out. He said the long trigger pull would take some getting used to, but I didn't even notice it because I shoot revolver most of the time in double action! Here's a couple pics of the little beauty!

I really need to get out and practice with it as both MrC. and MsRainy shoot the same type of gun. MrC. has his Taurus PT92 Mini-Race gun, and MsRainy shoots a MrAl custom niner that is really "NICE" !! I just don't want to look like "MrBeginner" when we get there to compete. I'm also going to acquire an "Open Class" niner to shoot in the Steel Plate Matchs that will be compensated with a reddot sight & all the "Bells & Whistles", hope it does me some good !

Well folks, I guess that's all for now.............................................


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

'Phone Rules!

Rules for the phone.

How ALL business phones SHOULD be answered!



Press "1" for English.

Press "2" to disconnect until you learn to speak English

Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you,
Jesus Christ and the American Soldier.
One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

MidMonth January

Gosh, here it is midJanuary & it seems like MrWinter is really wreaking havoc with us here on Whidbey Isle. I was out to the range shooting my birthday presents and having a high time. The detraction to being there was the 'dangit' coooold! I think the temp was @26d and luckily NO wind. I tried out my new little RedRyder 22carbine and was carried back to the days of my youth in how much fun it was.

I also recieved a new CZ75 stainless and was 'WOWed by how nice a 'shooter' it is. Found that at 15yds it was 2" low & left. After I got home I broke out the manual to see what I needed to do to adjust the sight. Teeny tiny Allen wrench, drift punch & tapper hammer. Headed back to the range & proceeded to get sighted windage wise, and the went to the Pin area to see what my impact point would be on a bowling pin. Right dead center but just a little low from point of aim. ACCEPTABLE for pinshootin'!!! HEH HEH Heeee MrC's gonna have some competition in the niner class now! Although we'll both have to watch out for MsRainy! She's getting better & better all the time.

We're having a Bowling Pin Seminar next saturday, and a Steel Match Seminar the following week, but NO matchs until March. It's OK, it'll give me time to get 9er ammo loaded & workup an accuracey acceptable load for both steel & for pins.

Well folks, here's hopin' it warms up a little & the Icey/Snow melts off & goes away! I sure have had enough to do me for this winter I'll say that!

Taaaaaaa Ta

Saturday, January 06, 2007

CWSA Match Schedule 2007

CWSA Match & Class Schedule 2007

Monday 1st Rifle Centerfire 0900
Rimfire 1100 100yd. Any Sights
Saturday 27th Bowling Pin Seminar 0900 (Clubhouse & Pin Range)

Saturday 3rd Steel Challenge Seminar 0900 (Clubhouse & Pistol Range)
Saturday 17th Rifle Centerfire 1100
Rimfire 0900 100yd. Metallic Sights

Saturday 10th Bowling Pins 0900
Sunday 11th Rifle Centerfire 0900 200 yd. Any Sights
Saturday 17th Rimfire Falling Plates 0900
Saturday 24th Trap 1130
Sunday 25th Rimfire Hanging Plate 0900
Saturday 31st Steel Challenge 0900

Sunday 1st Trap 1130
Saturday 7th Rimfire Falling Plate 0900
Saturday 14th Rifle Rimfire 0900
Centerfire 1100 100 yds. Any Sights
Saturday 21st Bowling Pins 0900
Sunday 22nd Rimfire Hanging Plates 0900
Trap 1130
Saturday 28th Womens Firearms Safety Class 0900 (Clubhouse & Pistol Range)
Sunday 29th Steel Challenge Match 0900
Monday 30th Hunter Education 1800 - 2100 (Registration Required)

3rd, 4th Hunter Education 1800 - 2100 (Continued)
5th Hunter Education 0900 - 1200 (Continued)
Saturday 5th Bowling Pins 0900
Sunday 6th Youth Firearms Safety Class 0900 - 1500 (Registration Required)
Saturday 12th Trap 1130
Sunday 13th Rifle Centerfire 0900
Rimfire 1100 100yds Metallic Sights
Saturday 19th Bowling Pins 0900
Thursday 24th Trap 1800
Sunday 27th Steel Challenge Match 0900

Saturday 2nd Rimfire Hanging Plates 0900
Trap 1130
Sunday 3rd Steel Challenge Match 0900
Thursday 14th Trap 1800
Saturday 16th Rifle Centerfire 0900 200yds Any Sights
Saturday 23rd Rimfire Hanging Plates 0900
Sunday 24th Steel Challenge Match 0900
Thursday 28th Trap 1800
Saturday 30th Bowling Pins 0900

Sunday 1st Steel Challenge Match 0900
Saturday 7th Trap 1130
Sunday 8th Rimfire Hanging Plates 0900
Thursday 12th Trap 1800
Saturday 14th Rifle Rimfire 0900
Centerfire 1100 100yds Any Sights
Saturday 21st Rimfire Hanging Plates 0900
Sunday 22nd Bowling Pins 0900
Thursday 26th Trap 1800
Saturday 28th Steel Challenge Match 0900
Sunday 29th Rimfire Falling Plates 0900

Thursday 2nd Trap 1800
Saturday 4th Bowling Pins 0900
Sunday 5th Steel Challenge Match 0900
6th, 9th, 10th, Hunter Education 1800 - 2100 (Registration Required)
11th Hunter Education 0900 - 1200
Saturday 11th Rifle Centerfire 0900
Rimfire 1100 100yds Metallic Sights
Sunday 12th Rimfire Hanging Plates 0900
Trap 1130
17th, 18th,
19th, RENDEZVOUS ALL DAY (3 day event)
20th, 23rd 24th Hunter Education 1800 - 2100
25th Hunter Education 0900 - 1200
Saturday 25th Bowling Pins 0900
Sunday 26th Steel Challenge Match 0900
Thursday 30th Trap 1800

Saturday 1st Rimfire Hanging Plates 0900
Trap 1130
Sunday 2nd Bowling Pins 0900
3rd, 6th,7th Hunter Education 1800 - 2100 (Registration Required)
8th Hunter Education 0900 - 1200
Saturday 8th Rimfire Falling Plates 0900
Sunday 9th Rifle Centerfire 0900 200yds Any Sights
Thursday 13th Trap 1800
Saturday 15th Steel Challenge Match 0900
Sunday 16th Trap 1130
17th, 20th, 21st Hunter Education 1800 - 2100 (Registration Required)
22nd Hunter Education 0900 - 1200
Sunday 23rd Steel Challenge Match 0900
Saturday 29th Bowling Pins 0900
Sunday 30th Rimfire Falling Plates 0900

Saturday 6th Rimfire Hanging Plates 0900
Trap 1130
Sunday 7th Bowling Pins 0900
Saturday 13th Rifle Rimfire 0900
Centerfire 1100 100yds Metallic Sights
Sunday 14th Steel Challenge Match 0900
Saturday 20th Bowling Pins 0900
Sunday 28th Rimfire Falling Plates 0900

Sunday 4th Rimfire Hanging Plates 0900
Saturday 10th Rimfire Falling Plates 0900
Saturday 17th Presidents Turkey Match 0900 - 1300 (Club Charity Event)

No Events Scheduled !

Please contact Match Co-Ordinators for any changes!

Jan. 1, 2007 Rifle Match

Here it is, the start of the New Year and we've had our 1st match at CWSA. Granted, the weather was cold & blustery with wind gust up to 30-35mph. But it was fun!

Our Rifle Match Co-Ordinator likes to start the new year off right, so we have a match every 1st of January. Maybe he thinks it brings him luck. I didn't participate in the center fire match, but did in the 100 yd rimfire class.

Somehow, even in all the wind & occasional sprinkle, I managed to eck out a 1st place win with a 311-4x score. I didn't expect to even hit the paper with the windy gusty day that it was. Several times our wind speed/direction flag was knocked over & had to be placed back upright during the match. It was REALLY blowing something fierce at times.

All in all I was rather pleased as I beat the match master who had a score of 266 really well. It always pleases me to out score him as he always says something like, "OH! Lous been practicing again!" Somewhat of a derogatory dig I feel, so you can understand my jubilation at scoring better than he.

That's the story of our January rifle match. "Nuff for now...................................