Thursday, December 28, 2006

Custer Steel Plate Match Results

Well here we go ! I thought I could deliver some pictures of the match on saturday, but I didn't have the resolution & brightness/contrast set correctly on my "NEW" camera 'phone. Sooooo, you get text only, that's because I can't find my image processing software to load on this computer, and what I do have is inadequate!

We, MrAl, MzRainy & myself, along with the Razz-a-maTAZ (MrAls German shorthair) arrived at the Custer range about 9:30 or so. There was only one vehicle there & I thought to myself, "OH NO, there's NO match because of the weather." Not true, we were just early. We got signed in and added into the shooters matrix and then sat around waiting for people to arrive. Well, as it turned out, there were only six of us hardy souls that would brave the rain & cold to come out & shoot.

We started the match at @10:00am & ran 3 relays against all other participants. In this RoundRobin match, you shoot against everyone, and there's no qualifying. I did OK against my 1st opponent, but then it was sorta downhill after that. Altho' I did beat MrAl in one relay. He won both sets that we shot as top winner for the day. MzRainy & I were pretty evenly matched in the 1st relay we shot, but then the magazine fell out of my gun on the 3rd relay so she put me to rest! Couldn't figure what happened as I got off 3 rounds before the mag dropped out. We continued to shoot, & I won a couple relays, but went down like "Lotties" drawers on most.
We then decided to shoot another complete set of relays cuz it was still early & it's a loooooooooong drive from Whidbey Isle to the Canadian border. I didn't do any better in the 2nd set than I did in the 1st one, but it sure was "FUN" ! ! ! !

MrAl again took overall winner, and once more I was shooting away in one relay & the damn magazine fell out of my Ruger again! WHAT THE HECK!!!!! I have my mags #rd so I noted which it was & stuck it in my pocket. We completed that set & cleaned up the range, put everything away & departed for Whidbey Isle & home, about a 2-2 1/2 hour ride. Not bad for the amount of fun & the 250-300 rnds expended.

I got home about 2:30, pulled the drop free magazine out & proceeded to check it out. I found that the detent on the mag had rounded off some & woudn't securely lock into the mag well. DANG! little things like that can sure aggravate you. OH well, we're going to institute that same style 22 match at our range this year so I can look forward to lots more fun shooting 22's in the future. If I can find my I/P software & rescue the pics I took, I'll post them at a later time.

That's all folks, good shootin'...............................


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Saturday SHOOT Day !

Well, I can't deal with it any longer! I've been out to the Range, which has been decimated by the recent windstorms, practicing with my revolver. The only thing is, there is no real thrill in just practice. MrAl just informed me that there's a 22 Falling Plate round robin match up at Custer Range this saturday. I AM GOING and I'M GONNA SHOOT ALL I CAN ! ! ! ! I don't care if I end up with the "BooBie" Prize, ( Depends on whose) or what ! I just want to shoot rapid fire competition!

I'll let you all know how it comes out after the match!

'Nuff for the moment