Tuesday, November 28, 2006


GOSH, I've looked everywhere for the files I knew I had deleted in the hopes of finding a draft copy of them. No luck ! Oh well, it's all history anyway.

The gist of it was I took a 1st in the next to last Steel Plate match, got blown outta town by MrAl in the pinmatch Revolver class. Gave it to MsKeeWee in the PinTop Match, but made her work for it. She took me on the 1st table, I laid waste to her on the 2nd, which gave us a tie. And on the tie breaker, MrRuger decides to fall in love with a fired case & jam up, so that gave it away to MsKeeWee, who went on to take 2nd against MsRainy for the overall years end PinTop Match. Then I took a 2nd( I think) in the last S/P/M which is probably about normal.

So folks, there it is, the windup to the shoot season was our Presidents Charity Match, with the proceeds going to a worthy cause. I shot 2 targets in 22rifle & 6 in Iron sight handgun (What a joke that is!) I ended up in a shootoff for the JugHead match, but deferred because I couldn't figure what to do with a Turkey( I'm not married, and my kids all live in the midwest.)! So I came home, cleaned the brass from my 44S&W, and got it ready to reload.

That's ALL folks....................................... Now you'll get to here of my re-modeling plans & progress on my kitchen & bathroom. WHOOOOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Non shooting Sunday on Whidbey Isle

As you can see, it isn't a day that's conducive to much outside activity. Besides, it's colder'n you know what! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............................
I posted my last 3 matchs the other day & must have done something in error, they're NOT here! ! ! So I'll have to go back & see if I can't re-create them & re-post.