Monday, October 02, 2006


Well, it was a REAL bust ! Posted some really GOOD times in the revolver class trials and went up against MrAlL. in the 1st round & went down like "Lotties Drawers" ! Tough to beat someone when you post 4.5 to 5.8 sec's & they're posting high 2s to low 4s. OH well, there'll be another day ! Then MrAl gives it up to MrCompletely, who gave it away to ChrisC., "Lightening Boys" dad. WHAT A BUST !!! Chris ws shootin' pretty darn good tho'.

Then, to add insult to injury, I posted some pretty fair times, in the 22 Optic class time trials, trying to shoot slow & NOT go up against MrAl in the 1st round again, I draw MsRainy, who is NO slouch as a shooter. She 'whuuups ma butt", but I did make her work for it. She took the 1st table, I took the 2nd. That made for a shoot off, and DANGIT, she beat me again! So, I was totally retired for the day having shot less than a 100 rnds in both revolver class & 22Optic class. DAMMM !

On Sunday, we had our Rimfire Hanging Plate Match. MrAL took both Iron sight & Optic sight class's with MrC close on his heels. I thought the 3rd place spot would be a contest between MsRainy, KeeeWeee and myself ! Didn't come off that way at all ! MsRainy took the 3rd spot with NO contest from either myself or MsKeeWee. I placed ahead of the Keewee Gal, but only by 2 points ! I felt like throwing my beautiful little Ruger with the Fancy Butt Leupold/Gilmore sight I just put on it, right over the berm ! I was, and am disgusted with how I did!!! OK, OK, back to the range for some practice with that little Turkey! OH, maybe I'm the Turkey @ shootin' 22pistol ! Have to get in some practice. Next match's are 2 weeks away, so maybe, just maybe, I can make some improvement!

This next weekend there's a GunShow/Sale @ Holmes Harbor Gun Club which I hope to dispose of some un-wanted items. Shotshell reloaders (2), a few old nasty Collector Rifles, and maybe a couple pistols that haven't seen the light of day in more than a couple years ! Why keep something that you don't want to shoot or feel it's too valuable as a "Collector" to put rounds through it !

Well, enuff for the moment. Need to get out & finish my loading bench & re-arrange everything ( trip to the dump), so that I have the room to maneuver in the Shed/Workshop. Will post more later on when I'm caught up.