Friday, October 20, 2006

Weekend Matchs Coming up!

Here it is Friday already & I need to get ready for the Steel Challenge & Hanging Plate matchs. I went out to the range and re-sighted MrRugers L/G reddot. I found I was shooting (still) @ 5-6" high ! Damn !!! I had brought the POI down @ 8-10" the last time I sighted it! Now I understand why my last hanger was such a damn disaster! I was sorely bent out of shape about it. Hopefully I'll do better in Suindays match.
Tomorrow, (Saturday) is the Steel Challenge. I'll probably get to set up & run most of it as I think EVERYONE is getting tired from shooting every weekend. It's not the shoot part, it's getting everything set & ready, keeping track of, and then breaking it all down & putting all the targets away. I know after the last couple of matchs I've come home & just absolutely crashed out. But, we've only got 4 more shoots this year & then it'll be wind down time, clean everything really GOOD & load ammo for the next seasons matchs. I didn't get to do that last year as I was off on a trek to So. Carolina to see my sister, I also visited all my kids in the midwest along with grandkids. What an adventure.
This wintwer I'm going to pretty much hibernate & load ammo. I've got @ 8K of 38 to load & if I acquire a 9MM S/A for next season I'll load around 3-4K for that.
I'll post results for the weekend matchs as I have time. Might be mid week as I have a Treadmill to test to on Monday for an on-going health problem I've been trying to cope with along with the every days of just living.
'Nuff for now.......................................


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