Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Weekend FUN Fest

Gosh here it is Wednesday already & I'm way behind. Saturdays Steel Challenge was somewhat of a surprise to me as I wasn't feeling quite up to "Snuff'! I didn't really feel like shooting, or anything else for that matter, but I was there & figured, " What the heck" ! I only shot in the open revolver class & spent most of the match running the timer.
When it came for me to shoot the first scenario (Showdown), I thought, "Well, just shoot it & get it over with"! One of the shooters from HHRGC had heard my remark to MrC. that I wasn't feeling good. After my first run he said "Damn, I hope I shoot that good when I feel bad "! I didn't really think about what time I had shot, but I knew I hit all the targets & felt good about that. So I finished out the five relays & went back to running times for other shooters.
Then it was time for me to shoot the second scenario (Smoke & Hope), and I thought, OK, here we go, just do it ! I posted from 4.8 to 4.95, 4.96, 4.96 & then a 5.2 with the 5.2 being thrown out. I thought to myself OK, we finally be in the consistant mode, COOOOOOL !
I then continued timing out the rest of the shooters feeling OK that I had done fairly well. As we were finishing a club member told me I had won the open revolver class. I thought to myself, "Yeah , right"! Then at the end of the match MrC & MsRainy both told me I was really smokin' 'em. MrAl then told me the total of my times & I thought "WOW, Cool"! He also told me he had fired a 7th shot in the revolver class that gave him a 3sec. penalty for procedure. That put me ahead of him by about a 1.8 sec's. But then he went on to say that I also beat him in the Showdown, and that was really the deciding factor. WOOOOO HOOOOO, I'll take a "WIN" like that anyday. It was a good feeling. Then I went home & took a bigtime napper, as I was still feeling kinda puny.

On Sunday, we had my fun match, RIMFIRE HANGING PLATES. MrC loves this one, it's always fun, but really more of a social hangout time & shoot the breeze about gunstuff. I still am having a hard time getting on target with MrRuger, but oh well, it's all for braggin' rights anyway. MrC took 1st in both Iron & Optic sight class's with MrAl 2nd in both & in optic class MsRainy 3rd with me a poor 4th. Oh well, just gonna have to get a S&W 6 shooter in 22 so I can feel like I'm doin' OK with 22s. MrRuger just doesn't seem to have the right grip feel after shooting revolvers. Going to have to remedy that this winter & see if I can't find a decent one @ a fair price. Next year, I think that I'll be competing with MrC & his Mini-Race Taurus 9mm in the open class semi-auto. I'm going to buy a 5" brrl niner to compete with. I sold the S&W6906 that I had because it was only a 3"brrl & not suitable for competition. So MrC., Lookout for the rise of the "HotRod Niner" !

'Nuff for the moment, gotta get my act together for a Drs visit tomorrow. Finally found the cause of my ongoing health problem & it's time to get it taken care of....................................



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