Monday, October 30, 2006

Sundays Pin Match

Well DAAAANG ! here it is Monday am & I'm ruminating on yesterdays pin shoot. What a damn DISASTER ! Talk about WET, COLD, NASTY, WINDY UGLY day for a match, this was IT ! I got to the range before anyone else & started to get things ready & "OH DAAAANG IT", here came the rain. Thought to myself, well, it won't last long 'cuz I can see blue sky, right over there ! WRONG ! It rained HARD for about 45 min's & then tapered off to a drizzle. MrAl & Ms Rainy had come in during this, so we began to get things ready(?), for the match. I'm not real fond of a wet match but oh well, we're here.

We got started on qualifying times & it seemed like everyone but MrAl was having a problem getting the pins on the ground. Everyone was reloading, some a couple of times. When it came time for me to qualify, I think there was one pin I hit 4-5 times before it finally hit the ground. It didn't seem like the hits packed any power. What the HECK??? I finally qualified mid pack with a time of @ 34sec's for 3 table average. That put me in 4th place just ahead of TonyC. I got a bye, as there weren't many shooters, Al & ChrisC. were the 1st up in revolver with me to face the winner. In the meantime I realized that I was shooting my steel loads & swapped ammo REAL quick ! Well, we all know how that came about & I was up against MrAl in my shootoff. The rain started coming down, and the WIND HOWLING in from the NW, the canvas cover on our pin range began flapping & slapping soooo hard I couldn't hear the timer. We had to restart the 1st table because when it went off, MrAl began shooting & I was standing there like a rock, wondering what the hell is he doing ! Well, MsRainy then asked me, "Didn't you hear that?" NOPE ! Restart ! Didn't get any better either. MrAl got me bigtime, by the time I started to pull the trigger, he was already on the 3rd pin. SHEEEEEEEESH ! Next table, MsRainy beats me on the shoulder so I know the timers gone off, but it wasn't much better. I heard the 1st shot from MrAl & went into action! I got 4 pins down & laid #5 down on it's side & had to shoot it again, but it was already too late ! OK ! Retired early, that's what happens.

Then when it came time for the pintops 22 match, qualifying was was again a practice in how many rounds do you have??? I think I hit one of those little sukkas 4 times before it went off the table. I was 4th again in qualifying which matched me up with MrC. We got up & ready, the timer goes off, and I get one shot off on the 1st pintop & JAM !!! Had a sideways smokestack in behind the 2nd round. That put me outta commission on the 1st table & MrC walked away with it. He offered to re-do it, but I said NO, that's just what happens. On our 2nd table I did a little better, but his last pin hit the ground before mine, so I'm retired again! What a PILE ! Still fun tho' !

We have a Steel Challenge Match next week, and the week after that the last pin match, and that ends our shooting "Season" ! With the weather getting cold & nasty wet I don't mind. I can hunker down & load ammo & dry fire the targets on the wall for practice. On those days when it's NOT too cold & nasty, the range is close enough for some live fire & ammo testing. Not to mention some good old practice time. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up the "Hot Rod Niner" during that time & be able to work up some loads for it & be ready for next year!

So in the meantime, I'll blog the more mundane aspects of my everyday happenings (BOOOOORRRRIIINNNGGGG !) Like working on the house & in the workshop/storage shed. Which I still have to get insulated & interior walls up in. That's so it'll be warm & toasty while I'm out there cranking out more ammo to expend in my endeavor of pleasure.

'Nuff for now...................................


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