Sunday, October 15, 2006


Well, here it is post shoot time & don't even know how I did in it. I guess that's the breaks of the game when you both run & shoot in a match. Unless you win that is ! We tried out a "new" paper system for the steel matchs. Each shooter gets a card with his name to be filled in, the scenario that's being shot & after the shoot adds up his times. You place the card in the appropriate scenario shoot box & when the scorekeeper calls you on deck, you're ready & 'rarin' to go for it. Leastways I think ! I was running the timer for most shooters so I have no idea how well or poorly people are doing unless it's really a gross time shoot !

I came away after the shoot so wiped out all I wanted to do was snag some "NAPTIME" ! Which was exactly what I did. Guess I'll have to look in the newsletter to see where I placed. Oh well, I know it wasn't in the $$$ ! I don't even know who placed where in what categories, I do know that we all had "FUN" & it was a pretty good match!

So that's how it ended & I'll keep an eye out for who did what I get that posted when available !

'Nuff for now,



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