Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rifle Match 10/14/06

Heck, here it is Saturday again & I'm wondering what happened to the week! Been busy runnin' around, working on the Load/Workbench & interior of the shed ( electrical, insulation etrc.) and just generally trying to keep up with the everydays of life.

Have a rifle match to put on & track for those who like to shoot rifle. Altho' it's being souper foggy the last couple days, I wonder if we'll be able to see the 100yd targets. I'll soon find out I guess.

Back from the match, and what a "HOOT" !! You could see the target, but you couldn't see any lines on it or any hits from a 22rf. We went ahead & fired it off, (all 3 of us, EvilAl, myself & TedP.) . Great turnout huh?? I usually take the rimfire by outscoring the other shooters on offhand. But, NOT today ! I could hardly see the target let alone know if I was hitting it. Benchrest, we could only put the crosshairs somewhere on what we thought was center mass & fire away. Well, wasn't so hot ! AlL took 1st with a +7.22above his ave. of 335.84 & I was 2nd with a +4.62 over my ave. of 261.38, and TedP pulled 3rd with a score -1.75 under his ave. of262.25. So as you see, we were all at somewhat of a dis-advantage in the blowing FOG that at times obscured the targets almost totally!

OK, enufff of this drivel, we have a Bowling Pin Match tomorrow & I hope to wreak Havoc on MrC.'s endeavor in the revolver class. Hold onto your hats tho', anything can & does happen !



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