Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bowling Pin Match

Sunday PM ! Back from the match, and I was 3rd in revolver ! MrC. and I posted the exact same time to qualify, 16.46sec.'s for 3 tables of pins. AlL posted a 17.59 due to some reload problems on a couple of time tables. That put MrC & myself up in the 1st shootoff !

The timer went off & both of us fired rapidly & left a pin or 2 sitting there, quick reload ( I was faster) and I dusted MrC on the 1st table. YAaaaahOOOOOO ! Now I only have to do it one more time & He'll be lookin' for a rematch with me. MsRainy gets us all ready & the timer goes off again & "WHAM, BAM, POW, CRASH & BANG ! " I got him !!! He even left a couple pins on the table !!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY the shootoff is mine & "OH, NO" ! Ms Rainy tells me to go to table 1 & get ready to shoot against AlL! OH HELL, success is so fleeting, I made him work for it, but he "Dusted MA ASS" GOOD ! So, that retires me for the day! Next AlL shoots off with ChrisC., "Lightening Boys" dad & sends him to the dustbin too ! OHO, next up is "Lightening Boy" himself, & he also goes down like the rest of us. So AlL takes the 1st spot, TonyC. ("Lightening Boy") takes 2nd & that puts me into 3rd. Sooooooooooo, it wasn't totally a "BUST" ! I did dust MrC. and now I can look for that re-match ! Can't wait, gotta get out & practice that 1st pin so I'm sure to get it & go on down the line & knock'em ALL off the table in 5 shots !

Gotcha covered,
PS: I posted all 3 today, even tho' I had worked them up in W/P beforehand. Just no time.


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