Monday, October 30, 2006

Sundays Pin Match

Well DAAAANG ! here it is Monday am & I'm ruminating on yesterdays pin shoot. What a damn DISASTER ! Talk about WET, COLD, NASTY, WINDY UGLY day for a match, this was IT ! I got to the range before anyone else & started to get things ready & "OH DAAAANG IT", here came the rain. Thought to myself, well, it won't last long 'cuz I can see blue sky, right over there ! WRONG ! It rained HARD for about 45 min's & then tapered off to a drizzle. MrAl & Ms Rainy had come in during this, so we began to get things ready(?), for the match. I'm not real fond of a wet match but oh well, we're here.

We got started on qualifying times & it seemed like everyone but MrAl was having a problem getting the pins on the ground. Everyone was reloading, some a couple of times. When it came time for me to qualify, I think there was one pin I hit 4-5 times before it finally hit the ground. It didn't seem like the hits packed any power. What the HECK??? I finally qualified mid pack with a time of @ 34sec's for 3 table average. That put me in 4th place just ahead of TonyC. I got a bye, as there weren't many shooters, Al & ChrisC. were the 1st up in revolver with me to face the winner. In the meantime I realized that I was shooting my steel loads & swapped ammo REAL quick ! Well, we all know how that came about & I was up against MrAl in my shootoff. The rain started coming down, and the WIND HOWLING in from the NW, the canvas cover on our pin range began flapping & slapping soooo hard I couldn't hear the timer. We had to restart the 1st table because when it went off, MrAl began shooting & I was standing there like a rock, wondering what the hell is he doing ! Well, MsRainy then asked me, "Didn't you hear that?" NOPE ! Restart ! Didn't get any better either. MrAl got me bigtime, by the time I started to pull the trigger, he was already on the 3rd pin. SHEEEEEEEESH ! Next table, MsRainy beats me on the shoulder so I know the timers gone off, but it wasn't much better. I heard the 1st shot from MrAl & went into action! I got 4 pins down & laid #5 down on it's side & had to shoot it again, but it was already too late ! OK ! Retired early, that's what happens.

Then when it came time for the pintops 22 match, qualifying was was again a practice in how many rounds do you have??? I think I hit one of those little sukkas 4 times before it went off the table. I was 4th again in qualifying which matched me up with MrC. We got up & ready, the timer goes off, and I get one shot off on the 1st pintop & JAM !!! Had a sideways smokestack in behind the 2nd round. That put me outta commission on the 1st table & MrC walked away with it. He offered to re-do it, but I said NO, that's just what happens. On our 2nd table I did a little better, but his last pin hit the ground before mine, so I'm retired again! What a PILE ! Still fun tho' !

We have a Steel Challenge Match next week, and the week after that the last pin match, and that ends our shooting "Season" ! With the weather getting cold & nasty wet I don't mind. I can hunker down & load ammo & dry fire the targets on the wall for practice. On those days when it's NOT too cold & nasty, the range is close enough for some live fire & ammo testing. Not to mention some good old practice time. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up the "Hot Rod Niner" during that time & be able to work up some loads for it & be ready for next year!

So in the meantime, I'll blog the more mundane aspects of my everyday happenings (BOOOOORRRRIIINNNGGGG !) Like working on the house & in the workshop/storage shed. Which I still have to get insulated & interior walls up in. That's so it'll be warm & toasty while I'm out there cranking out more ammo to expend in my endeavor of pleasure.

'Nuff for now...................................

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sunday Bowling Pin Match

Well, Sundays BPM is gonna be a real dogfight ! MrC. told me after I beat him him in the last revolver class, he was gonna "whup ma buns" next time ! HEHEHEEE. We'll just have to see about that. He may surprise me, but I'm going to get in some "practice" between now & then, so I'll be READY ! It's always fun to go out & do your best when you know you're gonna be shooting against some formidable competitors. Of course theres always MrAl, who shoots a good second faster in times than I do per table. I thought it was really interesting that MrC & I both shot exactly the same qualifying time to the hundredth of a second at the last match. We'll just have to see how things go at this one. I'll be "ReadY" MrC.

I'll post, & I know MrC. will be posting the results, especially if he "Whups MA Buns" as promised.


Weekend FUN Fest

Gosh here it is Wednesday already & I'm way behind. Saturdays Steel Challenge was somewhat of a surprise to me as I wasn't feeling quite up to "Snuff'! I didn't really feel like shooting, or anything else for that matter, but I was there & figured, " What the heck" ! I only shot in the open revolver class & spent most of the match running the timer.
When it came for me to shoot the first scenario (Showdown), I thought, "Well, just shoot it & get it over with"! One of the shooters from HHRGC had heard my remark to MrC. that I wasn't feeling good. After my first run he said "Damn, I hope I shoot that good when I feel bad "! I didn't really think about what time I had shot, but I knew I hit all the targets & felt good about that. So I finished out the five relays & went back to running times for other shooters.
Then it was time for me to shoot the second scenario (Smoke & Hope), and I thought, OK, here we go, just do it ! I posted from 4.8 to 4.95, 4.96, 4.96 & then a 5.2 with the 5.2 being thrown out. I thought to myself OK, we finally be in the consistant mode, COOOOOOL !
I then continued timing out the rest of the shooters feeling OK that I had done fairly well. As we were finishing a club member told me I had won the open revolver class. I thought to myself, "Yeah , right"! Then at the end of the match MrC & MsRainy both told me I was really smokin' 'em. MrAl then told me the total of my times & I thought "WOW, Cool"! He also told me he had fired a 7th shot in the revolver class that gave him a 3sec. penalty for procedure. That put me ahead of him by about a 1.8 sec's. But then he went on to say that I also beat him in the Showdown, and that was really the deciding factor. WOOOOO HOOOOO, I'll take a "WIN" like that anyday. It was a good feeling. Then I went home & took a bigtime napper, as I was still feeling kinda puny.

On Sunday, we had my fun match, RIMFIRE HANGING PLATES. MrC loves this one, it's always fun, but really more of a social hangout time & shoot the breeze about gunstuff. I still am having a hard time getting on target with MrRuger, but oh well, it's all for braggin' rights anyway. MrC took 1st in both Iron & Optic sight class's with MrAl 2nd in both & in optic class MsRainy 3rd with me a poor 4th. Oh well, just gonna have to get a S&W 6 shooter in 22 so I can feel like I'm doin' OK with 22s. MrRuger just doesn't seem to have the right grip feel after shooting revolvers. Going to have to remedy that this winter & see if I can't find a decent one @ a fair price. Next year, I think that I'll be competing with MrC & his Mini-Race Taurus 9mm in the open class semi-auto. I'm going to buy a 5" brrl niner to compete with. I sold the S&W6906 that I had because it was only a 3"brrl & not suitable for competition. So MrC., Lookout for the rise of the "HotRod Niner" !

'Nuff for the moment, gotta get my act together for a Drs visit tomorrow. Finally found the cause of my ongoing health problem & it's time to get it taken care of....................................


Friday, October 20, 2006

Weekend Matchs Coming up!

Here it is Friday already & I need to get ready for the Steel Challenge & Hanging Plate matchs. I went out to the range and re-sighted MrRugers L/G reddot. I found I was shooting (still) @ 5-6" high ! Damn !!! I had brought the POI down @ 8-10" the last time I sighted it! Now I understand why my last hanger was such a damn disaster! I was sorely bent out of shape about it. Hopefully I'll do better in Suindays match.
Tomorrow, (Saturday) is the Steel Challenge. I'll probably get to set up & run most of it as I think EVERYONE is getting tired from shooting every weekend. It's not the shoot part, it's getting everything set & ready, keeping track of, and then breaking it all down & putting all the targets away. I know after the last couple of matchs I've come home & just absolutely crashed out. But, we've only got 4 more shoots this year & then it'll be wind down time, clean everything really GOOD & load ammo for the next seasons matchs. I didn't get to do that last year as I was off on a trek to So. Carolina to see my sister, I also visited all my kids in the midwest along with grandkids. What an adventure.
This wintwer I'm going to pretty much hibernate & load ammo. I've got @ 8K of 38 to load & if I acquire a 9MM S/A for next season I'll load around 3-4K for that.
I'll post results for the weekend matchs as I have time. Might be mid week as I have a Treadmill to test to on Monday for an on-going health problem I've been trying to cope with along with the every days of just living.
'Nuff for now.......................................

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bowling Pin Match

Sunday PM ! Back from the match, and I was 3rd in revolver ! MrC. and I posted the exact same time to qualify, 16.46sec.'s for 3 tables of pins. AlL posted a 17.59 due to some reload problems on a couple of time tables. That put MrC & myself up in the 1st shootoff !

The timer went off & both of us fired rapidly & left a pin or 2 sitting there, quick reload ( I was faster) and I dusted MrC on the 1st table. YAaaaahOOOOOO ! Now I only have to do it one more time & He'll be lookin' for a rematch with me. MsRainy gets us all ready & the timer goes off again & "WHAM, BAM, POW, CRASH & BANG ! " I got him !!! He even left a couple pins on the table !!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY the shootoff is mine & "OH, NO" ! Ms Rainy tells me to go to table 1 & get ready to shoot against AlL! OH HELL, success is so fleeting, I made him work for it, but he "Dusted MA ASS" GOOD ! So, that retires me for the day! Next AlL shoots off with ChrisC., "Lightening Boys" dad & sends him to the dustbin too ! OHO, next up is "Lightening Boy" himself, & he also goes down like the rest of us. So AlL takes the 1st spot, TonyC. ("Lightening Boy") takes 2nd & that puts me into 3rd. Sooooooooooo, it wasn't totally a "BUST" ! I did dust MrC. and now I can look for that re-match ! Can't wait, gotta get out & practice that 1st pin so I'm sure to get it & go on down the line & knock'em ALL off the table in 5 shots !

Gotcha covered,
PS: I posted all 3 today, even tho' I had worked them up in W/P beforehand. Just no time.

Rifle Match 10/14/06

Heck, here it is Saturday again & I'm wondering what happened to the week! Been busy runnin' around, working on the Load/Workbench & interior of the shed ( electrical, insulation etrc.) and just generally trying to keep up with the everydays of life.

Have a rifle match to put on & track for those who like to shoot rifle. Altho' it's being souper foggy the last couple days, I wonder if we'll be able to see the 100yd targets. I'll soon find out I guess.

Back from the match, and what a "HOOT" !! You could see the target, but you couldn't see any lines on it or any hits from a 22rf. We went ahead & fired it off, (all 3 of us, EvilAl, myself & TedP.) . Great turnout huh?? I usually take the rimfire by outscoring the other shooters on offhand. But, NOT today ! I could hardly see the target let alone know if I was hitting it. Benchrest, we could only put the crosshairs somewhere on what we thought was center mass & fire away. Well, wasn't so hot ! AlL took 1st with a +7.22above his ave. of 335.84 & I was 2nd with a +4.62 over my ave. of 261.38, and TedP pulled 3rd with a score -1.75 under his ave. of262.25. So as you see, we were all at somewhat of a dis-advantage in the blowing FOG that at times obscured the targets almost totally!

OK, enufff of this drivel, we have a Bowling Pin Match tomorrow & I hope to wreak Havoc on MrC.'s endeavor in the revolver class. Hold onto your hats tho', anything can & does happen !



Well, here it is post shoot time & don't even know how I did in it. I guess that's the breaks of the game when you both run & shoot in a match. Unless you win that is ! We tried out a "new" paper system for the steel matchs. Each shooter gets a card with his name to be filled in, the scenario that's being shot & after the shoot adds up his times. You place the card in the appropriate scenario shoot box & when the scorekeeper calls you on deck, you're ready & 'rarin' to go for it. Leastways I think ! I was running the timer for most shooters so I have no idea how well or poorly people are doing unless it's really a gross time shoot !

I came away after the shoot so wiped out all I wanted to do was snag some "NAPTIME" ! Which was exactly what I did. Guess I'll have to look in the newsletter to see where I placed. Oh well, I know it wasn't in the $$$ ! I don't even know who placed where in what categories, I do know that we all had "FUN" & it was a pretty good match!

So that's how it ended & I'll keep an eye out for who did what I get that posted when available !

'Nuff for now,


Saturday, October 07, 2006


Well, here we are with another match Sunday ! I'm really looking forward to shooting some steel tomorrow. Attended the Gunshow/Sale @ HHRGC and it turned out to be quite lucrative for me. Reduced my inventory slightly, got rid of some excess ammo ( how can anyone have excess ammo???) and replenished my rather diminished bank account after the purchase of 15K in bullets for next years shooting events.

I'll post the results of the match either when I get home or in the evening when I'm wound down!

'Nuff for now...........................

Basic Training

Here is an article by an instructor friend, that is always a timely reminder.

Basic Training

Everything in life starts with the basics. Just like you have to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run. You need to start with the basics, and perfect them if you will; in order tobuild a strong foundation before you move to more advanced techniques. When I started to study martial arts, the very first thing I needed before I could even start training was some sort martial arts gear (i.e. Uniform or proper clothing, mouth guard, protective gear, etc.) well, before you even think about carrying a concealed weapon you need to get the right gear that will fit your needs (i.e. Belt, holster, spare magazine pouch or speed loader.) Once you have that you can start practicing the basics with the gear you will wear and the way you would carry in the streets. Continuing with the martial arts school analogy, you start to learn how to deflect punches and kicks (high, medium and low blocks), how to punch correctly, how to kick correctly, etc. In the weapons craft art, you start by learning about safety, how to load and unload a weapon safely, how to grip a handgun, and you learn about posture rather than stance and the fundamentals of marksmanship. After you have a good grasp of these important fundamentals and after a lot of dry fire, you put them in practice by doing live fire. Then you learn how present your weapon from your holster towards your adversary, you also learn how to perform a proactive and reactive reload, how to clear unexpected malfunctions and so on and so forth. You practice all of these techniques dry and then with live fire. But the idea here is not to just learn a technique half way and move on, the key is to master the technique first and then move on to the next one. And in order to do that, we need to learn the correct way of doing certain technique and practice them repeatedly so we create what we call muscle memory, just like in martial arts you practice a specific technique hundreds of time, same here. Muscle memory is nothing more than a term used by athletes and muscle physiologist to describe a skeletal-muscle activity that you learn and becomes automatic with practice. By practicing a certain technique over and over, your neurological system and motor neuron/muscle group pathways get faster and it takes them less effort to perform a skeletal-muscle activity (technique or drill) to the point that it doesn't require you conscious thinking to achieve smoothness in the execution in other words, you become faster at that activity. That is why when you practice a technique or drill you should do it slow because the speed will come on its own. We have a saying in the Marine Corps that goes “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” So don't focus so much on speed but rather on perfection of the execution, nice and slow. What will make you fast is not doing it fast but continuous correct practice. Now, something else as important as to continuously practice is to keep practicing. One of my martial arts master once told me “Llegar a la cima de la montana no es dificil, lo dificil es mantenerse en la cima” “Is not difficult to get to the top of a mountain, to stay on it is more difficult.” In this case what I mean by this, is that just like if you stop practicing any discipline for a long period of time you will loose some of your skills, if you don't practice your basic fundamentals every so often, you will loose some of those fine motor skills and therefore speed. If you have had any accident in your low extremities that put you out of commission for a while (broken leg, surgery, etc.) you know what I am talking about, you had to re-learn how to walk and it took a lot of effort, concentration and dedication. So, even if you are at the beginners level, intermediate level or advance level, don't forget to revisit the fundamentals in every practice session that you have, like Gabe says “Revert back to the basics” on anything that you do. So, when practicing the basics of marksmanship do it correctly, slowly, repeatedly and don't focus on speed but on perfect execution. Well that is it for now, I will talk more about other factors related to muscle memory, perfection in execution, precession and more in the upcoming newsletter.

“Semper Fi, Do or Die”
Kelvin Rincon-Galue
S.I. Staff Instructor

Monday, October 02, 2006


Well, it was a REAL bust ! Posted some really GOOD times in the revolver class trials and went up against MrAlL. in the 1st round & went down like "Lotties Drawers" ! Tough to beat someone when you post 4.5 to 5.8 sec's & they're posting high 2s to low 4s. OH well, there'll be another day ! Then MrAl gives it up to MrCompletely, who gave it away to ChrisC., "Lightening Boys" dad. WHAT A BUST !!! Chris ws shootin' pretty darn good tho'.

Then, to add insult to injury, I posted some pretty fair times, in the 22 Optic class time trials, trying to shoot slow & NOT go up against MrAl in the 1st round again, I draw MsRainy, who is NO slouch as a shooter. She 'whuuups ma butt", but I did make her work for it. She took the 1st table, I took the 2nd. That made for a shoot off, and DANGIT, she beat me again! So, I was totally retired for the day having shot less than a 100 rnds in both revolver class & 22Optic class. DAMMM !

On Sunday, we had our Rimfire Hanging Plate Match. MrAL took both Iron sight & Optic sight class's with MrC close on his heels. I thought the 3rd place spot would be a contest between MsRainy, KeeeWeee and myself ! Didn't come off that way at all ! MsRainy took the 3rd spot with NO contest from either myself or MsKeeWee. I placed ahead of the Keewee Gal, but only by 2 points ! I felt like throwing my beautiful little Ruger with the Fancy Butt Leupold/Gilmore sight I just put on it, right over the berm ! I was, and am disgusted with how I did!!! OK, OK, back to the range for some practice with that little Turkey! OH, maybe I'm the Turkey @ shootin' 22pistol ! Have to get in some practice. Next match's are 2 weeks away, so maybe, just maybe, I can make some improvement!

This next weekend there's a GunShow/Sale @ Holmes Harbor Gun Club which I hope to dispose of some un-wanted items. Shotshell reloaders (2), a few old nasty Collector Rifles, and maybe a couple pistols that haven't seen the light of day in more than a couple years ! Why keep something that you don't want to shoot or feel it's too valuable as a "Collector" to put rounds through it !

Well, enuff for the moment. Need to get out & finish my loading bench & re-arrange everything ( trip to the dump), so that I have the room to maneuver in the Shed/Workshop. Will post more later on when I'm caught up.