Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two Weeks of Enduring Effort!

Well, here we are post Island Intra-Club Challenge Match ! it was a real endeavor getting ready for this years match as our club hosted it. It rotates from club to club each year. I thought that I had everything all set and planned out! NOT So ! Al got a chronograph & we went out to the range & chroney'd our loads. OH, woe is me ! My plate loads were OK, but my bowling pin loads only had a power factor of @ 112 to 115 or so. No wonder my hits on the pins were somewhat on the order of WIMP CITY ! So I came home, had a few days of rain so no outside stuff, I broke down & reloaded @ 500 rnds of 38spl in 125g plate loads & 148g DEWCs for the pins. Loaded the pin ammo @ 5.0g of Unique with a 148g WC @1.440 oal. WORKS GREAT!

Saturday comes & we all get to range for the match, and I can tell, everyone is a little uptight. Not too bad but drawn. We, as hosts, were the last to shoot in the 1st event of pins. The Holmes Harbor guys were doing real good. I figured we wouldn't beat North Whidbey, but might have a chance to get HH. I was the 1st to from our club. Didn't miss a pin on the 1st three tables, no reloads. Not spectacular times, but OK. With three pretty good tables I figured that I could go for broke & try & speed it up some. DAMN! Missed a pin 2X & had to reload, OK, that's the throw away.
Next comes Lightening Boy Tony, who's definetly uptight! He blows through the tables & has to reload every one of them and ends up with @ a 12sec time. Then it just continues with reloads on each table & his average time is around eleven seconds. OH well.
Here comes "Speedy" MrC.! He'll blow the pins away & move us up some in time. WHOOOOPS, he miss's pins & reloads on the 1st table, the 2nd table the 3rd table & OHMAGAWD, the 4th one too. Ends up with lotsa time. AW POOOOOPERS !
Well, here comes Al. He'll do the J- O- B !~ Al pretty much shoots his normal way, but has a reload & we end up at the bottom of the stack in pins. Alrighty, we'll make it in steel( I HOPE)!

We get out on the pistol range & get started & HH guys are shootin' pretty damn good. OHGAWD! Then the NW team is up & they're "SMOKIN'" ! They posted some pretty good times.
OHSHIT, now I'm up ! Well, let's NOT lose it, and blow the whole thing. Posted some fair times & we all ended up doing much better in the 1st scenario. Only 3 sec's behind the leaders (NW) in this one & ahead of the guys from HH. YAAY ! ! ! I hope we can beat them!
Next scenario & NW takes it again with us only 5 sec's behind them & almost 10 sec's ahead of the HH guys ! WE BE DOIN" OK !
Last chance for redemption & low & behold, we come out less than 5sec's behind the NW guys & 10 sec's more ahead of the HH team ! YAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! ! !

The final tally puts US in 2nd place & HH team in 3rd ! WE BEAT "EM ! It wasn't a win, but at least we weren't SKUNKERS either. It was lotsa FUN ! Now we have a Steel Challenge Club Match tomorrow to get ready for, KOOOOOOOL !

Sunday morning, Al & I show up & get the Steel Plates & stuff set up & get everyone signed in & on & awaaaaaaay we go !
I shot 2nd to Al in rewvolver Open class & @ 6th in the 22rimfire class which is extremely competitive. Last time @ this I was next to last in a field of 12 or so, so I having finally gotten around to getting my Ruger 22/45 sighted felt like OK. Moved up, now to get some practice time & see if I can get closer to the front runners. That's what makes it soo much fun. Trying different things & working on technique & timing to better yourself as a shooter. One thing for sure folks, it's the most fun thing I know of to do.
I'd like to insert the tally sheet from the Club Match, but don't quite know how to cut & paste it from Excel to the blog, Oh Well.
That's the sum total of it folks !


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