Friday, September 29, 2006

Shooting Weekend Upcoming

Here we are another Friday! Where the heck does the time go? That's OK, weekend time & the shoot schedule is full ! We have a Bowling Pin Match on Saturday & a 22 Hanging Plate Match on Sunday. Woooo Hooooo, it's going to be another FUN weekend.
received an EM from Ms. PegiT and she & Jere may be over from the mainland for the HPM. Be GOOD to see my shootin' partner again. Sure hated it when she said they were moving OFF Island, OH WELL. That means the HPM will have a 4 way shootout for the 3rd spot behind MrAL & MrC, who will undoubtedly take 1st & 2nd spots. So that leaves me, Ms RainyL, KeeWee & Pegit to battle it out for the (HONOR OF ) 3rd spot. Ought to be real fun.
Tomorrow, is the BPM and it's gonna be a real blast. I may be able to wreak a little vengeance on MrC in revolver class (finally, since I've gotten my Pin load spiffed up), although I know that "Evil" AL will more than likely be the front runner in that. You never know tho' it could be much different results wise than anyone could imagine. Anyone can be beaten on a given day when you consider all factors. They may have a BAD shooting day, and you could have a GOOD one.
Well, I'll post the reults on Monday. Right now it's time to get ready to paint the trim on the 'NEW' shed/workshop and get to work on my loading/workbench!



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