Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hanging Plate & Bowling Pin Matchs 9/2&9/3

Well hey folks,
I figured I better get some new "INFO" up, or you'd all think I went into 'retirement' from blogging too. I've been playing "Construction King" with a new storage shed & walkway along the side of it from the back gate to the driveway. I've had to take up @ 60sq." of grass & dig into the rocks & gravel to lay some cement pavers. Bigger job than I thought. It took me @ 8-9 days to build the 10'X10'X8' storage/workshop/reloading space, which was not too bad, but then for some unknown crazy reason I decided to do the walkway too ! Never start something without assessing what you have to move & get rid of 1st. I took down a 6'X8' tin shack that was @ 25yrs or more old & worthless. That was the easy part, then the layout & floor frame for the new one, and the rest went like 'GangBusters" ! Actually had fun doing it. Well, on to the real stuff now that I've let you in on why I've been less than communicative.

Yesterday, we had our Rimfire Hanging Plate match at Central Whidbey Range, and while there wasn't an overwhelming turnout, those of that did had fun! There were seven shooters in optical class and only three in ironsight. It was sort of anti-climactic when Al L. wasn't shooting per his 'normal SpeedDemon" style and let MrC, take the class with him second.

In the optic class things were a little different with the real battle for 2nd, 3rd & 4th places. MrC. once again cleaned us all out & took 1st place with Al L. 2nd, and WONDER of WONDERS, myself in 3rd place just one point ahead of Als wife Rainy. I'll probably NEVER hear the end of, "You beat me by ONE plate" , but IT was sweet! I have had so many sight problems with my Ruger 22/45 red dot sighted gun, I was almost ready to heave it over the berm & forget 22Rimfire. I put a NEW Leupold/Gilmore reddot (LG35-8moa dot) on it & it's changed my thinking. I immediately jumped 20 points in score & have yet to sight it in @ 25yds. I did sight it for PinTops (21') but hadn't found the time to get to the range & sight it @ the longer distance!~ WAS I "STOKED"!!!!! I couldn't believe how much better I did. Next, is the Bowling Pin & Pintops on Sunday.

Well, here I am back from the B/P Match & not feelin' all that bad at how I did. I shot in centerfire optic class, revolver, and of course the MrC.'s Specialty, "PINTOPS"!! In cenetrfire class MrC. 'dusted' me with his niner minie race gun & I just figured "OK SUKKA" there's more to go yet! In revolver class I again seemed to have a hard time finding the pins in the qualifier, and ended up shooting against the "Deadly" Dean guy. It was sorta close but I 'squeeeeeeked' past him to shoot again. In the end, it was "Lightening Boy" (Tony C.) & myself for winner take all. I plastered him on the 1st table, he plastered me on the 2nd one & then just barely squeeked by me for the #1 spot! It's OK, he's faster'n brownstuff & can reload like lightening. I don't feel bad being beaten by a 16yr old with good eyes & quick reflexs. I did make him work for the win though.
That's it for now fols, it was lotsa "FUN"!


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